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    Blackout game press conference

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    BREAKING Roy Williams retires/Davis expected to be named HC

    If they haven’t/don’t at least call CNO they are crazy.
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    From ESPN, a second pro day for Mac...

    Sounds like Mac is impressing!
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    Welcome JD Davison to Bama Basketball ...

    I know this is picky, but I think his last name is Davison, without the second “d.”
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    Link: Bama up to 10th in Nolan's NET rankings...

    Awesome! I noticed Florida jumped 19 spots after beating Tennessee. They seem to really like Tennessee, because after being pretty much dominated by Bama and Florida they are keeping them pretty high.
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    Link: Jeff Banks joining Sarkisian

    All this panic reminds me of myself the first time Bama went through this process. Here’s my take, now though. Sark is the new head coach at Texas. His focus is in building the best program he can at Texas. To do that, he is going to hire the best staff he can. His primary concern is not how...
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    The most important drive of the 2021 CFP Title game

    Which is exactly what OSU did to Clemson in the semifinal game.
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    Impact of Missing OSU DL

    I am just glad we Bammers aren’t the only overly obsessed, sometimes neurotic, fans in the country.
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    Is Bama fatigue the reason our kicker didn't win The Lou Groza Collegiate Place-Kicker Award?

    One difference, that I think plays an unspoken role in the decision, is that the winner is a senior and the rest of the top kickers are underclassmen.
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    Devonta has officially been Sabanized! (Reference to press conference)

    Devonta Smith is so Sabanized! (In a good way.) He is doing his championship game press conference. Reporter 1: Devonta, what was it like last night? I mean you are the Heisman winner. D: It was special, it felt great. I mean, just being here with Mac and Coach Saban last night, it was a great...
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    BREAKING Official: Texas hires Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian as head coach

    Is it ironic to anyone else that Bama pulled so many top recruits out of Texas this year, and now Texas may take out top assistant?
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    BREAKING Congratulations to Mac Jones!

    In a shortened season and against no “cupcakes.”
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    Thanks for the clarification!
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    Is Bama even recruiting this young man? They apparently made his top eight. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Richest college football programs

    Does this list seem iffy to anyone else?
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    The trenches (does Bama match up to ND's lines?)

    Is this a joke?
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    Sark Staying at Alabama? (Per Bama Insider)

    Sark won the Broyles!