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  1. Im_on_dsp

    USA Today: Break up Saban's Monopoly

    None of the things he listed would work except for forcing Saban into retirement, which we all know would be illegal. Let's face it. People want to be associated with winners in life and Coach Saban is about the winningest person I know.
  2. Im_on_dsp

    Question: Question about clemson lb hit on fields

    It was not only targeting but appeared to be designed to inflict maximum force to JF, to knock him out of the game. The funny thing I was talking to my wife about Skalski being a male appendage and sure enough about 10 minutes later he did this.
  3. Im_on_dsp

    Gus Malzahn fired (and (laughable) coaching search...)

    It seems like it would have to, at least from a QB perspective. No elite QB prospect wants to come and run Gus's Mickey Mouse offense so Patrick Nix caliber players are the best he was ever going to get.
  4. Im_on_dsp

    News Article: Clemson Football: How Tigers Mastered the art of Signal Stealing

    I know the football purists don't like it but why not just allow the quarterback to wear a headset like they do in the NFL? That'll end sign stealing.
  5. Im_on_dsp

    News Article: How to fix the Chicago Bears (Hint: draft Mac Jones)

    I hate the Pats but I think Mac would flourish there under Belichick. He reminds me a lot of Tom Brady. Cool under pressure. Great arm. Lanky build.
  6. Im_on_dsp

    Texas Goes All In On Urban Meyer

    I have a UT alum golfing buddy who told me about the Meyer to Texas thing a couple of weeks ago. He said recruits are de-committing from UT because they all think that Herman is going to be fired after this season.
  7. Im_on_dsp

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died - complications of cancer at 87

    What's your timeline for it. Just want to know so I can mark my calendar to come back and make you eat crow when it doesn't happen.
  8. Im_on_dsp

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died - complications of cancer at 87

    Stop buying into the hype. SCOTUS is not going to reverse the ACA, gay marriage or Roe v Wade. That's just a bunch of crap the Dems are using to get everyone riled up to make it out to the polls Nov 3rd.
  9. Im_on_dsp

    The Human Aspects of COVID-19

    Yes. More people lost their life due to disease, starvation, and the elements than due to actual combat injuries. This has been true pretty much throughout history until advancements in the "gear" of war. Clothing, medicine, tents, etc., in the mid 20tj century.
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    2020 Presidential Election part III

    Between all the Nigerians asking for my help transferring money to the US, hot Russian girls wanting to send me nude photos and various hackers wanting me to click on links to "claim" my Walmart gift card I don't see any other emails in there. I am, however, getting snail mail flyers from Donald...
  11. Im_on_dsp

    Covidiots! The Musical
  12. Im_on_dsp

    25th amendment thread

    I interpreted his post as meaning all the non-president posts up for election.
  13. Im_on_dsp

    2020 Presidential Election part III

    So you think they're all going to be replaced by their Democrat opponents? Whatever.
  14. Im_on_dsp

    25th amendment thread

    Maybe so but the first thing he'll do is pardon Trump for any and all crimes the next administration may try to charge him with. If Trump remains in office until inauguration he can't pardon himself (or can he?).
  15. Im_on_dsp

    2020 Presidential Election part III

    I don't agree. Yeah, some of these Republican candidates have been hitching themselves to the Trump Wagon in their ads but I think the voters are smart enough to distinguish between Trump and a Republican. There will likely be some flips but not that many. Who knows for sure though until after...
  16. Im_on_dsp

    25th amendment thread

    You folks do realize that exercising the powers of the 25th amendment just means Trump goes and Pence becomes president so the White House is still Republican.
  17. Im_on_dsp

    2020 Presidential Election part III

    Don't hold your breath. None of them have the guts to kill that goose.
  18. Im_on_dsp

    2020 Presidential Election part III

    If he did cop to it he would say "my doctors told me I have the most exquisite bowels, the likes of which they have never seen. You would be amazed".