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  1. Drewy26

    Team Hotels?

    Just re-booked my hotel in Santa Clara. I hope I didn't book into the Clemson hotel by accident. Any one know in which hotels the teams are staying this week?
  2. Drewy26

    Hotel Room in College Station (A&M Game) Available

    I have a room at the Country Inn & Suites in College Station the Friday and Saturday of the A&M game. I booked a year ago. My plans have changed and I cannot go to the game. The room was pre-paid and non-refundable. My loss is your gain. The price ($634.32) is exactly what I pre-paid... I...
  3. Drewy26

    Just received my Ole Miss tickets... they are doing a "Navy Out."

    The tickets say "Wear Navy." Uh oh.
  4. Drewy26

    Question: Have you ever been embarassed by the behavior of a fellow Alabama fan?

    Need to talk this through as I am feeling quite upset at the moment. Tonight was the orientation for my daughter's 14-year old club volleyball team. All the parents were gathered to meet our coaches and each other. Most of us have never met before. The coach, a college-age girl who obviously...
  5. Drewy26

    Florida removes all references to Aaron Hernandez

    We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia. GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- The Florida Gators are no longer celebrating Aaron Hernandez. The University Athletic Association, which funds the school's athletic programs, has removed all references to Hernandez in and...
  6. Drewy26

    Question: When was the first "SEC" cheer?

    A friend and I were recently discussing the fact that the SEC is the only conference whose fans chant the conference name after big victories. We were wondering about the history of this tradition. For me, the first time I remember cheering "SEC, SEC, SEC" was in 1999 at Auburn. Shaun...
  7. Drewy26

    Desperately need 2 to Texas A&M

    My son (14) and I have a tradition of attending one away game together each year. Last year we traveled to Missouri, and had a fabulous time. This year, we have our flight, rental car, and hotel all set for the A&M game in College Station. All we need are tickets. This is where you come in...
  8. Drewy26

    Question: Where will Game Day be set up at the GA Dome?

    My son is begging me to bring him down to see Game Day on Saturday. Can anyone tell me where they set up the broadcast? Much appreciated.
  9. Drewy26

    Quick report from the AL-Missouri game

    My son (13) and I got wet. Very wet. But the temperature was warm, so we were not cold AND wet. It was all made better because of the awesomeness of the experience. Missouri is an amazing place, and we have been treated exceptionally well by the Missouri fans. After the weather...
  10. Drewy26

    They finally did it. They destroyed the Denny-Dog.

    Did anyone else try to purchase a "stadium dog" at the game yesterday? At the end of halftime, I went and made my usual order that included a couple of classic hot dogs, the kind I have been enjoying for over 30 years. You know what I am talking about... it comes complete with the mystery...
  11. Drewy26

    New Tide Pride 2012 offer by email today

    If you are a season ticket holder, watch your email, as I just got an offer to order tickets to away games at Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. None of these games was available to me on my original order form. I also got an offer to potentially upgrade my Michigan tickets from the $125...
  12. Drewy26

    Missouri (2) wanted -- Have Michigan (2), trade plus cash

    I will have 2 Michigan tickets when season tickets arrive. I am looking for 2 Missouri tickets, in a trade, plus cash to even the prices. The ticket price on the Michigan tickets is $125 each. Not sure what the Missouri tickets will be but I am thinking somewhere around $60 each. If you...
  13. Drewy26

    Question: Could Barrett Jones be the best OL in Alabama football history?

    Has played two different positions on the OL, winning the Outland Trophy at a new position, and will be playing a third position, center this season. He passed up the NFL to have one more year to play at Alabama. I have said many times that the #1 recruit we got on signing day was Barrett...
  14. Drewy26

    Alabama at Missou -- Oct 13, 2012 Who is going?

    I promised my 13-year old son that I would take him to Alabama's first away game against either aTm or Missou. According to the schedule we will be playing at Missou on October 13. I just booked a room at a Marriott Courtyard in Columbia. Who else will be making this historic road trip?
  15. Drewy26

    WR Ronald Carswell leaving team?

    I originally had a link here, but it contained profanity so I deleted it. If you want to see the original, his twitter name is @RonG5_ga Tweeted: "Think its best for me to leave Ttown now.." Today @ 1:53 PM
  16. Drewy26

    One thing I didn't remember about the Penn State game last season:

    Dareus was out and Upshaw was limited with an ankle injury. Not to mention Ingram. Not sure what this means for this season (if anything) but I found it interesting upon my re-watch this morning. Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Tapatalk
  17. Drewy26

    Saban visits GA high schools

    Gentry Estes just tweeted that Saban has been seen at "Carrolton, Cent Carrolton, & Hillgrove" this morning. Can any of the gurus connect the dots and tell us who he is visiting?
  18. Drewy26

    An open letter to the fan sitting in Section J, Row 26, seat 3 last night

    Hello. I am the guy who came up to you in the 4th quarter and told you that you were the kind of fan who gives us a bad name and to show some class. You looked a bit surprised that someone had the guts to actually say something to you about your classless behavior, or perhaps you simply...
  19. Drewy26

    Teams that impressed me / Teams that did not

    Impressed with: Alabama: Dominated an inferior opponent, scored at will, and controlled a legit offense. Arkansas: Impressive poise to win on the road against a legit opponent. We will have our hands full next week. LSU: May finally have gotten the offense together. South Carolina...
  20. Drewy26

    Question: Which NFL team should I follow?

    Now that we are the "pipeline to the NFL," I might actually gain an interest in that league. Question for the board: Assuming no previous allegiance, who is the best NFL team for an Alabama fan to follow?