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    June 27, 1984: let the televised games begin!

    I may be wrong (again, lord I hate getting old) but I seem to remember the receiver had to have both feet in bounds instead of just dragging one.
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    Scott Frost is the 2nd biggest crybaby and hypocrite in college football

    I remember when Nebraska was a fixture each year in the title chase. That was when the blue bloods ruled the ONE televised game each week. Now that Northwestern, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois and Wisconsin are all on TV just as often as Nebraska -- tell me why 4 and 5 stars would choose...
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    News Article: Najee gets sent home from practice ... for working too hard ...

    Winning is not everything. There is TV and fishing and other things to do.
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    News Article: Roundtable hosts leaving JOX ...

    I must be really easy to please. I liked all the shows being dissed. I have no idea how to do a pod cast so I will just get my news from TideFans, CBS and such as that. I have learned to live without cable. If i can't get it on antenna then I listen to Eli or keep up with it on the...
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    Thank Nick Saban and Alabama for playoff expansion

    I do not believe there will be more drama down to the last regular season game than there is now. Some think it won't be settled until December 5th. Great drama about 12th place? After the initial fever is over I doubt even the Media can make it exciting. The real drama will always be...
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    Who is your Preseason Top 5

    1 Alabama 2 Clemson 3 Ohio State 4 Georgia 5 Oklahoma
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    If CFP Expands, What's the Fate of the SEC Championship Game?

    Knowing the history of the NCAA I don't for one minute believe Notre Dame will not be granted some sort of wavier. NCAA is famous for bending rules for transfers of every kind. JUST REMEMBER how many times we have said HOW CAN THEY DO THAT in the past when NCAA looked the other way! Never say...
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    Nick Saban’s Contract Extended Through the 2028 Season

    I wonder which all time win totals actually count? The wins taken away because of the sex scandal or the wins actually won?
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    Thank Nick Saban and Alabama for playoff expansion

    Alabama announced that Saban might never stop coaching on Monday. Three days later the College Football Playoff cartel decided it was time to start discussions about expanding their exclusive party from four to 12 teams. Suddenly, after claiming expansion was years away if it ever happened at...
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    If CFP Expands, What's the Fate of the SEC Championship Game?

    One side of my brain agrees that it will stay for the $$$. The other side says it will have to go in order to make the playoffs less brutal. Why not have a 4 team SEC Playoff? Alabama vs Georgia and Texas A&M vs Florida last season and then the winners play for the SEC title. Why not do...
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    Stage is being set for playoff expansion

    It is what it is. It will be what it will be. Poor Timmy B will still be looking for his elusive fly-in-the ointment.
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    Stage is being set for playoff expansion

    The rules should be: teams 1-5 The power five conference champions. team 6. Notre Dame if they win at least 6 games (if not, then Notre Dame must play Holy Cross in a "win to get in" extra game -- in the event Holy Cross wins then Notre Dame can claim a one-time hardship exemption each...
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    Stage is being set for playoff expansion

    You are correct sir! There was a certain drama about watching a floundering Ole Miss or Michigan try to win that sixth game to become bowl eligible. Being bowl eligible no longer seems to matter and just imagine what profound insignificance waits for the other 108 teams while 15 teams flirt...
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    Stage is being set for playoff expansion

    I am literally sick to my stomach thinking of the poor thirteenth team which will be thrown "under the bus" of the Blue Blood Dozen. How long must Akron, Charlotte and Troy suffer these indignities? The Blue Bloods will be patting themselves on the back and orating about fairness and...
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    Just watched the 2011 BCS CG again. Sweet.

    The one time they crossed the 50 they wound back on their side after our D sacked their QB. It was funny!!!
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    Non-Football: Montana Fouts Pitches PERFECT GAME In WCWS

    I have followed the softball team since 2009. I still get chills thinking of staying up until 2 a.m. for the rain delayed FIRST SEC championship in 2011, i think it was.
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    Just watched the 2011 BCS CG again. Sweet.

    I just watched the replay of 2011 BCS CG with Alabama vs LSU in the Super Dome. 21-0 and i had forgotten just how much I loved seeing the cocky Honey Badger and his buds sitting on the bench during the 4th quarter with their little sad faces. Ah. How satisfying
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    Guess I’ve been under a rock, didn’t realize UGA v Clemson week 1

    I know what you mean. That is what I am talking about. 13 other fan bases pretending their team in an independent like Notre Dame.
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    Best win and Worst loss of Saban era

    The loss at Auburn when Coach Saban refused to replace Jalen Hurts. Just like the Championship game with Georgia for the BCS championship we would have lost that one too if the change had not been made at halftime. We would have won the Auburn game.
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    Bama Game Thread: WCWS-Alabama vs Arizona

    Love watching those girls hustle. They leave nothing on the field from lack of effort.