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  1. BamaBoy3684

    Question: Should Notre Dame join a conference?

    and if so, which one? I'm sure this has been beat to death, but humor me.
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    3 plays that would have changed the momentum of the Iron Bowl

    I have had to endure all of the "what if" scenarios from the Barners... let me throw 3 plays out that would have significantly changed the game. #1 - A fortuitous false start call became a 14 point swing. Had Woodall's pick not been when a penalty was called, the game would have been tied and...
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    Please don't change our uniforms

    In a conference where EVERYBODY feels the need to change their uni's, please don't mess with Bama's.
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    Iron Bowl 2009 Scoreboard Pic

    I still haven't seen a pic... can somebody post one?
  5. BamaBoy3684

    Harbaugh goes Woody Hayes on USC

    Who else loves that Harbaugh went for 2 against USC?
  6. BamaBoy3684

    Question: Could McElroy be pulled for AJ/Star?

    Under what circumstances (EXCLUDING INJURY) do you think CNS would pull McElroy for either AJ or Star?
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    Link: An all-SEC BCS title game?

    The possibilities Mash here
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    Link: Saban stresses red zone improvement for Alabama

    Mash here Offensively, Alabama ranks sixth in the SEC in the red zone overall, scoring on 34-of-39 trips inside an opponent’s 20-yard line. However, the Tide’s touchdown rate is 16-for-39 in the red zone. That 41 percent rate is 11th in the league, ahead of only Vanderbilt. Defensively, only...
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    Question: Who really has a quality win?

    What would you consider a quality win? We have a local talking head who is claiming that Alabama does not have a quality win to date. Do you agree? If so, please tell me who in America does have a quality win. One caller asked him what quality win LSU has and he said Washington because they...
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    Close wins are the road to the NC

    In 1992, we were down to So Miss 10-7 in the 4th, we led La Tech 6-0 til Palmer returned a punt for a TD, AND we were down 21-20 on the road to Miss State in the 4th. These type games happen. Ask USC if they would have taken a scary win over Washington compared to the loss. This was a...
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    Rule on removing helmets

    If this wasn't posted, I found this elsewhere: It's actually not even an interpretation, the rule is very cut and dry. Even if the flag was thrown for removing the helmet, the foul would not have been enforced and the game would be over because the game is never extended to enforce a live...
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    Link: YahooSports: Dan Wetzel on non-conference scheduling

    "Many teams in the BCS rankings (such as Florida) play soft non-league schedules. Others (such as OU) do not – and pay." Link
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    Link: Gobbler Co.: Why the Hokies HAVE to beat Alabama

    deleted "Because we want to win the national title." "Because we lost to LSU by 41 points." "Because Clemson failed." Can't really put the last one.
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    Link: ESPN: Alabama looks to end rollercoaster trend

    Alabama looks to end rollercoaster trend
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    Link: Dothan Eagle: Bama’s McElroy takes the reins at QB

    Link Great read
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    Link: Utah practices to 'Sweet Home Alabama'

    Link Does this bother you?
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    Link: Five Players Alabama Can’t Afford to Lose to Injury

    Link #5 - James Carpenter #4 - Justin Woodall #3 - Rolando McClain #2 - Julio Jones #1 - Greg McElroy Honorable mentions: Mike Johnson Dont'a Hightower Javier Arenas Mark Ingram Terrence Cody Discuss.....
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    Link: Bama vs. Notre Dame @ Yankee Stadium

    If this has been posted, please delete this, but I couldn't find where it had been posted. Link
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    Link: A look at Crimson Tide football rookies in the NFL

    If this was posted, please delete it: Link