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  1. BJ4TIDE

    Devonta has officially been Sabanized! (Reference to press conference)

    Devonta Smith is so Sabanized! (In a good way.) He is doing his championship game press conference. Reporter 1: Devonta, what was it like last night? I mean you are the Heisman winner. D: It was special, it felt great. I mean, just being here with Mac and Coach Saban last night, it was a great...
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    Richest college football programs

    Does this list seem iffy to anyone else?
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    The SEC head coach line-up is impressive

    I do not know much about Shane Beamer, but I have been impressed with him the past couple days. I think he will be a good, young coach for SC. The head coach line-up in the SEC becomes more and more impressive each year. This league will be TOUGH for years to come.
  4. BJ4TIDE

    FSU OLine transfer (Dickerson) This young man might have a tough road to playing time. I feel like we are pretty much set at Oline, and have several young, talented guys he would have to beat...
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    Conversation my sister heard between an Auburn fan and UGA fan

    Georgia fan(woman) says to Auburn fan (guy) big game this week. A-Not looking to get a win. G-maybe soon someone can beat them. A-Just a few more years and Saban will retire. Then they won’t be good anymore.
  6. BJ4TIDE

    Recipe for an invite to the dance?

    This Bama team has proven itself capable of winning big games, but also capable of losing the ones they should win. I think this team has enough big wins to impress the committee, but I have thought all along that they need 20 wins to be safely considered a candidate for the "Dance." I don't see...
  7. BJ4TIDE

    What has Coach Saban's demeanor been this week?

    I haven't had time to watch press conferences, etc. Can someone assess what CNS's demeanor has been this week? That is usually telling, in regards to how prepared the team is.
  8. BJ4TIDE

    Does anyone know the status of Rolando McClain?

    RM was one of my all time favorite Bama players. I am just curious what progress he has made in turning himself around.
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    We play LSU at 7 (CST) on CBS. Would Verne and Gary do that game?

    Please say no!
  10. BJ4TIDE

    My nephew has been asked to visit South Alabama this weekend.

    My nephew, Gunner, is taking his first recruiting visit, ever. He is very late to the game, as this is his senior year in high school, but he is very excited. I am hoping it goes well for him!
  11. BJ4TIDE

    Looking for advice on taking my youth group to a non-conference game.

    I am a youth minister, and would like to take the college kids, from my youth group, to the Georgia State or Chattanooga game. I need advice on the best ways to obtain 10 or so tickets. Any help is appreciated.
  12. BJ4TIDE

    Recruiting video of my nephew Gunner Lemons. Just a proud uncle sharing. Just sharing some highlights of Gunner's sophomore and junior seasons. We are proud of this kid. He and his team at Pickens County are working hard to get that 1A state title next year. They lost this year, to Marion County, on a blocked...
  13. BJ4TIDE

    If Amari gets 107 yds recvg in BCS game ... 3 guys will have 1,000 yds

    Amari is 107 yds shy of 1,000 and Yeldon should be at 1,000 rushing after tonight, along with Lacey having already surpassed it!!!
  14. BJ4TIDE

    Is there video of Nick Saban's show from last night available?

    I have tried several searches and can't find video of last night's show. Can someone help me?
  15. BJ4TIDE

    Caption this Pic!! (Miles and Saban)

    Miles: We are probably going to score thirty on you coach! Saban: SCORE?!? You are funny!!!