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    Pat Dye caught on YouTube dissing the barn QBs

    Lookup "Pat Dye speaks the truth" on youtube. I would post the link but I can't reach it right now. He basically says their QB situation is going to cause them to lose some games they should win next season. Then says in his opinion they only have one QB that gives them a chance, and that is...
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    10 Miss St. players not suiting for Memphis game tonight?

    Heard Fletcher Cox is one of them, but I don't know the reasons yet. This is going around on Twitter. I hope they are back for the AU game!
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    Link: Now we know why Blart the Mall Cop is really no longer an attorney...

    Crucian Chronicles: Unfunny Funnyman Clay Travis
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    Link: Pryor made up to $40k last year signing gear

    It just keeps getting worse for the Buckeyes... Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor made up to $40,000 signing memorabilia - ESPN
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    Something is very fishy with AU's "Big Cat" weekend...

    Auburn bringing in players from across the nation for Big Cat III recruiting weekend | First of all, I thought this was AU's version of a football camp for high school prospects. I didn't realize this was really just one big meet-and-greet social event. How is this even within NCAA...
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    Link: Time to replace or overhaul the NCAA

    Blow up the NCAA; it can't keep up with cheaters - ESPN
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    Link: NCAA President leads summit on Campus Safety...

    NCAA president Mark Emmert leads summit on campus safety - ESPN Ok, you tell me what's wrong with this picture. Now, I'm not saying it's not a noble idea to be concerned about campus safety, but is that really the main purpose of the NCAA? Shouldn't campus safety be left to the individual...
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    Poll: Who would you vote for - Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

    If the only two options on the ballot come 2012 are Donald Trump and Barack Obama, which one would you vote for?
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    Link: AU Athletics employees allege racial discrimination

    Auburn athletics employees allege racial discrimination in lawsuit - ESPN
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    Link: AU Fans reaction to Cyrus' initial announcement...

    I just had to post this. It's pretty funny knowing what we know now... YouTube - Auburn Fan Reaction to Cyrus Kouandjio's Announcement.
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    Link: Defensive Line taking shape: Stinson bulks up, Jesse Williams slims down

    Alabama's Kerry Murphy out for the spring - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN The link is about Kerry Murphy missing spring, but there are some excerpts from this article that I found interesting.
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    Link: Former Vols Assistant goes off, very agitated about departure

    Wow... Former Vols' assistant Chuck Smith goes off, very agitated about departure
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    The "Ugly Drum Smoker" Experience (with pics)

    I've been talking about my Ugly Drum Smoker build for a while, but I finally finished it, and have had a chance to do about 4 or 5 smokes with it. I must say it has exceeded all my expectations. All together, I probably spent around $100 - $150 on parts to complete the build - not bad...
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    We need a packed house Saturday night for LSU!!!

    I can't express how important it is that we have a good crowd, and LOUD crowd Saturday night. We have at least one very important recruit that will likely be in attendance. Let's all come out and support the team!
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    Link: VOLs being investigated for use of Knoxville bar.

    Tennessee Volunteers probing Renaldo Woolridge's use of Knoxville bar - ESPN
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    Link: NCAA to shorten Ohio State player's suspensions from 5 games to only 2?

    NCAA Shortens Ohio State Players’ Suspensions | Sportales Boy, it must be nice to be an Ohio State fan and not ever having to worry about the NCAA penalizing you. ADMIN NOTE: the linked site is not necessarily reliable. See posts in this thread.
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    NCAA President Mark Emmert is in over his head

    Folks, there is just simply no other explanation. The NCAA has always been horribly managed, but I would say they are at an all-time low right now. Since Emmert stepped in, there have been three major rulings (if you count the UK basketball player), and the NCAA has failed miserably on all...
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    Link: NCAA demonstrates selective enforcement they claim doesn't exist...

    Pryor’s acts expose charade of college athletics - College Football - When is it finally going to come to a head? I mean, if the NCAA continues to defy it's own rules with this type of blatant disregard, and they continue to openly use selective enforcement, when do they get called...
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    Link: Auburn University, the new Thug U

    Auburn University, The New "Thug U" This looks like just a blog, but they guy hits the nail on the head.
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    Link: Barn fans react to Cam Newton Scandal by Shrieking at ESPN Reporter

    Auburn Fans React To Cam Newton Scandal By Shrieking At ESPN Reporter :PDT_bur2: