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  1. BamaFan1961

    Next for Richt?

    UAB head coach? :conf3:
  2. BamaFan1961

    Mark Richt Fired by UGA, Hired by the Canes

    Re: Mark Richt Fired (per Mark Schlabach) USCe here is your chance to get a great head coach
  3. BamaFan1961

    Attendance at LSU game

    Everybody has to go pee every now and then
  4. BamaFan1961

    2015-16 Coaching Carousel

    I could see David Cutcliffe moving to a SCe type school
  5. BamaFan1961

    OL Viane Talamaivao Decommits from Alabama, Commits to USC

    Re: *** 2014 4-Star OL Viane Talamaivao Commits to Alabama*** Yaw yaw!
  6. BamaFan1961

    Which recruits will be at the LSU v Bama game?

    Wondering who all will be there.
  7. BamaFan1961

    Norwood said if it doesn't work out at the next level....

    I agree with this. Norwood has always been gold when needed
  8. BamaFan1961

    Guess the next coach to be fired.

    Mac Brown
  9. BamaFan1961

    A jab at Brian Kelly by LSUfreek

    Re: A jab at Brian Kelly by LSU Freak Now that's funny I don't care who you are!
  10. BamaFan1961

    Roll Tide from the Bayou

    Welcome! I may have to get you to bring me a turducken from Cajun Grocer to Tuscaloosa one home game
  11. BamaFan1961

    Question: RE: The first year you receive your TidePride Tickets....

    Re: The first year you receive your TidePride Tickets.... The first year you receive your TidePride Tickets you must bring us a shrubbery!
  12. BamaFan1961

    Projecting the 2013 Depth Chart

    CNS favorite topic to rip someone a new one
  13. BamaFan1961

    Don't wear blue to Urban's practice

    Would love Bama to put another beat down on urban in a championship game to make his a quit again
  14. BamaFan1961

    Anyone know when season tickets will be mailed?

    Does anyone know when season tickets will be mailed? I need to make sure I am home to sign for them. In the past I have not had much luck with receiving the email from them that they have shipped.
  15. BamaFan1961

    Question: How will the Barn do this year?

    My assessment is that I don't care
  16. BamaFan1961

    Poll: Who will be attending A-Day this year?

    I'll be there and the softball game afterward
  17. BamaFan1961

    Bill Battle to be new AD

    Re: Welcom Coach Battle Is Battle there until maybe Ozzie is willing to take over?
  18. BamaFan1961

    Just broke 1,000 posts

    What ever happened to the Bama Hats thread?
  19. BamaFan1961

    ***Official ALABAMA LOI Received Thread***

    any word on Tenpenny?