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  1. Jazzman

    C.J.Moseley's hip?

    Can anyone report on how the MRI came out? Will he have to have any scoping done? Will he rehab in time for Spring Practice? Thanks in advance...
  2. Jazzman

    T-town Celebrations, Parades?

    Roll Tide Everyone! Can someone post information about upcoming celebrations in Tuscaloosa? I'd like to go up and join in some of them. WooHoo! Number 13!
  3. Jazzman

    Great article with Jeremiah Castille Turning Point: Jeremiah Castille I hope this link works. This is my first time posting a new thread. God bless...
  4. Jazzman

    **OFFICIAL** Bama vs Arkansas Game Thread Page II

    McFadden's lookin' McBadn Wow!!!! Our defense is stuffing 'em. I am LOVING this! JPW looks excellent! Congrats go out to DJ Hall! Now this is the Alabama team we've been missing! WHOOOOOOOO! and it's only the first quarter...:biggrin:
  5. Jazzman

    It's been a while since I've posted...

    :cool:Just wanted to say how excited I am about the upcoming season. This time a year ago, I was dying, praying to survive long enough to get a liver transplant at U.A.B. Last October 25th, I got it just in time. I'm almost back to my normal (crazy bama fan) self! I'm from Montgomery, but live...