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  1. Loam

    Looking ahead to next years final four

    My "too early" prediction: Alabama Clemson Texas Ohio State
  2. Loam

    Who starts if Miller can't go?

    I'm not sure who starts in his spot.
  3. Loam

    Once Dan Mullen gets his QB, they'll rule that division.

    Not Georgia. What I am seeing from Georgia under Smart isn't that special. They could have accomplished what they been doing now under Mark Richt.
  4. Loam

    A lot of the pundits are picking Oklahoma

    To actually beat us. Watched a few shows today on Fox Sports and ESPN and even during the WVU/Syracuse game some tend to think that Oklahoma will not only play with us and keep it close, but beat us. I wonder where that is coming from and why they'd think this? Is our defense honestly that...
  5. Loam

    Is Taulia our future starter post Tua?

    Or do some or you have a surprise pick on who it maybe? Jones? Tyson?
  6. Loam

    The "Famed" 2010 Florida recruiting class

    I was looking at the players from that class and none of them ever went on and did squat in the NFL. That was the most overrated recruiting class ever.
  7. Loam

    I'm confident if Hurts is our QB for the playoffs

    Especially against Oklahoma because I think we'll pound them on offense with our run game. So if Tua isn't quite ready for Boomer then maybe he will be for Clemson. Either way I'm confident in Hurts and I think he's a different QB today then he was a year ago.
  8. Loam

    How do we matchup with OU?

    Their defense is historically bad. We could probably score at will on them from all angles and everywhere on the field. But question is, how much would we stop Kyler Murray and their offense? Would the game resemble a B12 shootout?
  9. Loam

    Georgia will be the toughest opponent we face all season (including the playoff)

    That is just my feeling on the whole situation. I don't see this version of Clemson challenging us much. We'd beat the breaks off Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan or Oklahoma. But I think Georgia is the second best team in the entire country and the gap between them and #3 is more substantial...
  10. Loam

    When is the last time you've seen a NCAA Football team have four straight shutouts?

    I think we have a legit shot at doing it. I don't want to jinx it, but I think its extremely realistic because Auburns offense is hot garbage this season and Citadel wont present much of any challenge with their offense either. Anyway, a win is more important no matter what the score is, but I...
  11. Loam

    I think Irv Smith maybe the best TE to play under Saban here.

    And yes, even better then OJ. I feel like Smith just has that "it" factor that we haven't seen in a TE here yet.
  12. Loam

    How Are Ruggs and Najee?

    I know initial reports are good on their injuries, but are there any recent updates on them? Will they miss any time?
  13. Loam

    Any news updates on Terrell Lewis?

    I figure we are entering the territory now where there should be some talk of his return. I heard a week or two ago he was actually jogging or running? I wonder how close he is of returning? Because he'll be a BIG boost for our D down the stretch.
  14. Loam

    Question(s) about Kevin Norwood

    I always wondered why he didn't make it well in the NFL. Thoughts on that? Because I thought for sure he'd be a very good WR at the next level. He was one of my all time favorite Tide WRs. Very underrated when he played here.
  15. Loam

    The nightmare scenario has happened for the rest of the College Football landscape.

    We have a QB that isn't a Bus Driver. Instead, we have a legit play making QB who is without a doubt the best QB in the country. Tua is a shoe-in for the Heisman. He is also on a projection to becoming the #1 NFL Draft Pick when he declares. He is the ultimate weapon in College Football right...
  16. Loam

    This defense reminds me a little bit of that 2013 defense

    I don't think we are that explosive and fast up front as we have been in the past couple of years. We seem to be lacking a top notch pass rusher too. I think this years defense is good enough to win it all though, and thats all that matters. Especially with how unstoppable our offense seems to...
  17. Loam

    When is the last time you remember an Alabama offense being this explosive?

    Especially in the passing game. Herbie said during that game against Louisville that we will be scoring like that all season long and now teams have to prepare for an aspect that they have never prepared for with us: The passing attack. We look downright unstoppable on offense with Tua at the...
  18. Loam

    Anfernee Jennings doesn't see Terrell Lewis missing the whole season Interesting. Is there really a legit chance we see him back by the SECCG?
  19. Loam

    Could Daron Payne end up being the best DL drafted under Saban yet?

    Because he sure is shining for the Redskins and getting rave reviews in camp, etc and playing awesome so far in preseason. Don't forget, the Redskins also have Ryan Anderson and Johnathan Allen on their DL.
  20. Loam

    With 800ish yards rushing, Mark Ingram becomes the Saints all time leading rusher

    He'll surpass Deuce McAllister.