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    I'm back! Did you miss me??? :-)

    Welcome back! :)
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    Link: Officially too far: UCF Championship license plates

    Re: Officially too far: UCF National Championship license plates They had a good season. Let them enjoy it for a while. :smile:
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    News Article: Joey Jones gets job at Miss State

    I practiced against him when I played for Murphy HS (Mobile, AL). Great player and even better person.
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    Question: What’s y’all nicknames for tua

    I think that was Goober. :)
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    LSU @ Florida Game Thread

    Missed extra point! Poetic justice for the missed out of bounds call. Mysterious ways. :rolleye2:
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    Alabama Announces Date for 2017 A-Day

    Wow! That seems like a of defensive backs!
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    Alabama football with Kentucky basketball officiating

    Hmmm, we're 25'th on the list of fewest penalty yards per game, but no where on the list for fewest penalties. So, we rack up a bunch of short yardage penalties. It could be worse.
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    Which Bama players had the coolest names?

    How about Joey Jones? The kid could fly and wasn't afraid to take a hit over the middle.
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    Which Bama players had the coolest names?

    As already mentioned, Paul Ott Carruth Jeremiah Castille
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    JessN: Clemson wrap-up: Tide loses a heartbreaker on 2 controversial TDs

    I have a question about "pick plays". In basketball, a pick play is quite obvious, and legal. An offensive player stands still while the guy with the ball runs right past him, which usually results in the defender running smack into the player standing still. OK, that is a pick play in...
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    Disrespect and no "hand shake" coin flips.....

    "Alabama selected option 1" No, Alabama selected option 3
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    UDFA Signings

    "Undrafted free agents sign three-year contracts for the rookie minimum, which starts at $450,000 annually" Wow! I thought it would be in the $150,000 range.
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    UDFA Signings

    What's the typical paycheck for a UDFA?
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    Bob Davie has led N Mexico out of the college football wasteland. Now what?

    "The school felt that 10 years was too long to have not won another championship so they forced Holtz to retire." I remembering reading years ago that Holtz was dismissed to preserve Knute Knockne's record of 105 wins. ND didn't want anyone to supplant Rockne's win record. I don't know if...
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    Update on TIDE-HSV

    Best wishes to you Earle. Here's to a speedy recovery.
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    Game Thread: ****Bama vs. MSU - Cotton Bowl Pregame Thread****

    Roll Tide everyone! Question, do you think the artificial turf favors Bama or MSU?
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    Franphony retiring.

    Give it some slack.
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    Franphony retiring.

    Don't turn on your own! He may not have been the best coach we ever had, but he did the best he could. He walked into a bad situation, and restored us to a 10 win team. Perhaps he felt like he couldn't sustain it, perhaps the pressure was just too much for him and his family. We didn't make...
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    Frank Beamer's Future Unclear

    Hmmm, if Bama had a coach that had several 10 win seasons, then had two seasons where he was barely above 50%, would you opt to let him go, or give him a chance to turn things around?
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    South Alabama at Tenessee

    USA 7 Tenn 24