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    Jeudy Officially Announces - Headed to the NFL

    Story Here, with Twitter Message from JJ
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    Game Thread: NYE Bowl Games

    So far the officials are trying to help VT in this game.
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    Alabama's 2020 Defensive Unit

    There is a lot to look forward to next year. Your offense is going to be prolific again no matter who starts at QB. But since the weakness the last 2 seasons has been on the defensive side of the ball, let's look forward and see how we think the personnel compare to the starters in 2019. DT/NG...
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    Fair Pay to Play Act Signed into Law in CA

    This will be tested in the courts, but I expect it to stand up. If other states do not get on board, CA schools will gain a huge recruiting advantage in a few years. Will other states join CA and force the NCAA to capitulate...
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    LSU - Game Time Question

    Hey guys - I know that nothing is certain, but it looks like I may be able to make it in to TTown for this game and the tailgate. I have a few flight options, and would prefer to fly in on Saturday vs. Friday. I am thinking that this will likely be a night game, with a slight possibility that it...
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    Kirby Still Using Dirty Recruiting Methods

    Just read this on DawgNation: So, Kirby is still passing around "lists" from Alabama. Somehow he has a list that has Trey Sanders, the best RB in that class, as 3rd tier...
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    Game Thread: Michigan @ Ohio State

    O H I O Go Bucks!!!
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    Drop off near stadium tomorrow - need help

    My brother is disabled and I am parking in Lot A. I need to drop him off near the stadium in the morning before I park. Anyone have an idea where I should drop him off given the road closures?
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    QB1: Beyond the Lights

    A friend asked me about this program and I had never heard of it. Season 1 was just released on Netflix. It follows Jake Fromm, Tate Martell and Tayvon Bowers through their senior seasons in HS. Very well done.
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    BDS Regular Season Games - Questions

    So, my wife and I had a blast at the Alabama spring game. As a result we have decided to come down for a game this season. We have been looking at StubHub for ticket prices and availability. Based on what we see we have a few questions for those here who buy tickets from resellers for these...
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    Question: Alabama Spring Game

    Hey Guys - So you know our family story. What you may not know - while we have attended many Alabama games over the last 20 years, all have been on the road. That is to say, we have not been to an Alabama game together in Tuscaloosa. We may not be able to correct that this season, but it really...
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    52 Wins - NCAA Record - Alabama's Senior Class

    This surpasses the 51 win record set by last year's team. Extend it to 53 wins next week when you bring home #17. Congratulations to these players, and Roll Tide!
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    Down Time - Question

    So, we have a week until the conference championship games are played. Does Alabama practice this week? Is it allowed? I assume that the coaches are focused on recruiting, but what are the players doing?
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    2018 O-Line

    If Saban lets the best 5 play then your o-line could be crazy good next year. Williams, Leatherwood, Wills, Womack and whoever comes in to play center. :eek2:
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    Funny Maine - Really Funny, Even After the Loss

  16. B1GTide

    News Article: NFL investigating - Jameis Winston - Sexual Assault - Again

    FSU and that entire city let the rape slide. Looks like Winston has continued with this type of behavior:
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    SEC Shorts - Halloween Edition
  18. B1GTide

    Link: Florida coach Jim McElwain says family, players getting death threats

    This stuff can really get out of hand:
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    CTE Found in 110 of 111 NFL Brains Studied

    This story is all over the place, but the NYT did a pretty good piece:
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    Congratulations, and Good Luck!

    Well, this season didn't end as I had hoped it might for my Buckeyes, but I have felt for a long time that Alabama was the team to beat this year anyway. I can't wait to see you guys beat Clemson again! Finish! Roll Tide!!! & Go Bucks!!! Happy New Year! :party: :cheers2:

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