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  1. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 4* OT Javion Cohen Commits to Bama (flips from the Barn)

    Figured I would start a thread. RTR!! Welcome Javion.
  2. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 5* TE Darnell Washington

    We don't have a thread for Darnell and thought I would start one. There is a premium article on BOL from Hank South asking if Washington will commit sooner than expected. Coming off his OV and Bryce Young recruiting players I am hoping this is good news for us. UGA is our biggest competition.
  3. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 5* TE Arik Gilbert

    We do not have a thread on him and thought I would start one since he said today he has a leader in mind and we got two CB's from him with one being from Shannon Terry. Looking good.
  4. TiderJack

    Bohannon - "We now have a SEC roster"

    Good updates from Bohannon.
  5. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 4* ILB Jordan Banks Commits to Arizona St.

    Since Jordan appears to be a Bama lean and is coming back in Nov for an OV I thought I would start a thread. Looks like Flowe has left us out of his top 4 so Jordan appears to be our top ILB target...
  6. TiderJack

    Comparing recruting rankings and players in the NFL

    I have not taken the time to review all the data that is in this article but it does show we have many more players in the NFL than any other school. It seems they are showing how many 4*-5* players a school signs and what percentage actually make the league and other data...
  7. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: ****4* ATH Kristian Story Commits to Alabama ****

    Kristian is set to announce tomorrow. He is an in-state kid and I assume he is a take. Down to us and A&M.
  8. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: ***4* DE Will Anderson Commits to Bama ***

    Big time pick-up. Welcome and RTR Will!!! Explosive first step.
  9. TiderJack

    Epic '20 LB Class

    We have discussed how great this LB class is to date and here is an article from some of the 247Sports recruitng analyst. I like the comment about Sanders being a possible top 5 prospect and Kennedy being a possible 5*...
  10. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 5* RB & #1 Player Zachary Evans

    We have made Zachary's top 5 list. He is an amazing player and would love to have him. We are after the top two RB's in the nation (Kendall Milton of CA) and we already have a commitment from a great RB in Roydell Williams from Hueytown. I am sure we won't take 3 RB's in this class. Hoping...
  11. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 5* LB Justin Flowe

    I am starting a thread on him since were are getting an OV and he is very impressed with Bama/Saban/Golding. I like his alpha mentality and think we have a very good chance of landing his signature...
  12. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 5* RB Kendall Milton

    Here is a really good interview with Kendall's dad about his last visit. I started a thread for him since we are going to get an OV and his dad loves the way the program is run...
  13. TiderJack

    You know you are great when you are hated

    Most hated teams list and you will never guess who is on it.
  14. TiderJack

    Football Recruiting in the early days with Kirk McNair

    Good article from Kirk McNair about the origin of his move to recruiting.
  15. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    Since the '19 class is finalized for the most part I thought I would start a thread for the 2020 class. Here is an article showing our commits in the '20 class and we can also lump in prospects moving forward...
  16. TiderJack

    2020 Prospect: DL Bryan Bresee

    Saw this article on BOL about Bresee and after seeing his highlight video I had to post it. Looks like an Alfano clone (maybe better). Kid is incredible. Getting Sunseri has helped and hopefully we can keep the DC/MD/VA connection going without Locks and Tosh...
  17. TiderJack

    2019 All Star Games

    The Under Armour game is Thursday on ESPN2 at 5:00 CST. We have 9 signees and 2 commitments playing in the game. Pierce Quick was selected to play in the game but decided to enroll early. Here is an article showing the players who will be in the game...
  18. TiderJack

    Bama Baseball signs Top 10 Class

    Bohannon going to work. Hopefully all these guys make it onto campus. The #1 SS and #6 overall player has not signed yet and would think he signs a contract.
  19. TiderJack

    2019 Prospect: **** 2019 4* S Jordan Battle Flips to Alabama ****

    We received two CB's today for Jordan Battle who is a current Ohio St commit. He is from St Thomas Aquinas in FLA. This is one to keep our eye on. I think OSU's struggles and Meyer's health issues could be a deciding factor.
  20. TiderJack

    2019 5* OT Evan Neal

    We are starting to get CB's for 5* Evan Neal so I thought I would start a thread. He was committed to us at one time well over a year ago when he de-committed. Has ideal size for OT.

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