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  1. uafan4life

    A possible preventive measure for players faking injuries...

    Which comes, of all places, from Mike Gundy in the Coaches' Film Room broadcast of last night's game... The idea is a rule change that if a player leaves the field due to an injury during an injury time-out, that player can't return to the field until after the next change of possession. Thoughts?
  2. uafan4life

    Question: Where to watch the "Iron Bowl" in the Gulf Shores / Orange Beach area?

    Well, the hunny and I are spending the weekend at the beach ahead of a conference next week, so we're likely going to be looking for somewhere nice to enjoy the game. The room's always an option, of course, but I tend to prefer watching with at least a few amiable viewers. On a somewhat...
  3. uafan4life

    Game Thread: First CFP Rankings

    They're releasing them now.
  4. uafan4life

    Game Thread: ESPN Gameday - 11/2/2019 - SMU @ Memphis

    My favorite sign so far: We paid players before it was cool. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S10 using Tapatalk
  5. uafan4life

    Game Thread: Relatively Unimportant Games Thread...

    Starting this one off with Meechigan. A very poor opening drive by the Wolverines results in a three-and-out but then Iowa fumbles the ball away on their very first play. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S10 using Tapatalk
  6. uafan4life

    Interesting thought re: DB play/technique, WRs, & practice...

    I know many get upset or, at least, concerned with our DB play - at times - in games where a player will seem to be in a position to make a play but doesn't look for the ball or just doesn't make the play. And many often question our practice techniques/methods regarding teaching our DBs to...
  7. uafan4life

    News Article: Maryland vs Syracuse

    The Terps are looking really, really good to start this game... Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S10 using Tapatalk
  8. uafan4life

    In case anyone missed Hugh Freeze's return to coaching... This. is. hilarious...
  9. uafan4life

    Gus Malzahn is one of the top-5 highest paid head coaches in college football...

    ...and Nick Saban isn't going anywhere soon. Just thought I'd remind everyone that things could be much, much, much, much, much worse: we could be Barn fans. Also, replying to Barner posts on social media with the above little fact seems to shut them up fairly quickly. :biggrin2:
  10. uafan4life

    Possible solution to signees being hung out to dry when a coach leaves?

    I was listening to a discussion on this topic today on sports talk radio, where they were bemoaning the early signing proud because of all the signees whose head coaches left for greener pastures after they signed. Rather than abandoning the early signing proud, how about this as a solution...
  11. uafan4life

    2 NC tickets for sale - section 417, row 16

    We've had something come up and are unable to attend. Just hoping to lose as little as possible while having some Tide fans go in our place; I know I'll have to sell below face value. PM me with an offer. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. uafan4life

    A Treatise on the Problem of Defense in the Big 12

    I suppose the first question one might ask regarding the problem of defense in the Big 12 is, "Is there really a serious problem with defense in the Big 12 or is it merely a case of a widely-held but incorrect perception?" While this may be a very valid question, there are two problems with...
  13. uafan4life

    Oklahoma smack talk goes here...

    We're gonna beat 'em like a red-headed stepchild beats the rented mule!
  14. uafan4life

    Alabama in "Games That Matter" since 2008...

    Given our upcoming opponent, a fair bit of talk has been made about whether Alabama "cared" about facing the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps they cared enough once the game rolled around but not enough during prep and practice time. Who knows? (Actually, the players do and...
  15. uafan4life

    Game Thread: Army vs Navy

    Go Army, beat Navy! HOOAH! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  16. uafan4life

    Could Bama Fatigue help Georgia get into the playoff?

    My wife just made an interesting point. What if the current feeling of Bama Fatigue combined with Georgia's showing tonight actually causes people - specifically committee members - to want to put Georgia in the playoff because that might be the only way to see Bama lose? It's an interesting...
  17. uafan4life

    A potential solution for the CFP / Power 5 / Group of 5 angst...

    Ok, so I think I've come up with a potential solution for the CFP / Power 5 / Group of 5 angst. As an added bonus, at least from a certain perspective, it might be easier to get many in the media on board because it actually gives a little power back to the AP poll. The basic premise is that...
  18. uafan4life

    Tidefans ads question...

    Can somebody tell me what the heck I've been Googling that would cause this to incessantly show up in the ads? Whatever it is, I need to stop it! :biggrin2:
  19. uafan4life

    Question: All the late games...

    I guess I'll watch a bit of the Oklahoma State versus #6 Texas game - where the shorthorns are currently trailing 31-14 early in the third quarter. What's everyone else watching?
  20. uafan4life

    Game Thread: Texas A&M vs Mississippi State

    I think Fitzgerald - and the Bulldogs in general - are going to get killed in this game.

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