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    Is Gus Coaching For His Job?

    OK guys, anybody else think so? I`ve personally felt that it pretty much didn`t matter what the barn did against everybody else ( unless of course that they just fell completely apart ) as long as they beat UGA and/or us. Well, here we are....?
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    Anybody Have a Clue if Owens or Randolph Can Catch?

    They can block, but if they’re capable of a reception or two it sure would help.
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    Kendall Randolph at TE ? What Does Everyone Think?

    Kind of makes me smile to think of the following: All the rockets take off, dragging the CB`s and safeties downfield. RB peels out, taking a LB with him. Kendall chips, then slips out underneath 5-10 yards. Tua flips the ball to him. Kendall ( 6`4", 294 lbs ) takes off, " rumblin`, bumblin`...
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    Will Deonte Brown Start This Week?

    Does anyone know if he’s been working with the 1s during his exile ?
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    Anybody Else Both Look Forward To and Dread Scrimmage Reports?

    I would be a charter member of that particular club! I know you have to do it, but gee whiz....!
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    Are We Done at LB ?

    I know that we`re still recruiting, particularly ILB, but realistically who might we add? Have to admit I haven`t kept up as well this year. Jam? Any pearls of wisdom?
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    How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    To win a national championship? With the talent in Athens at unprecedented levels ( for UGA, IMO ), when will the patience run thin?
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    So, Who Will Be the On Field (Player ) Signal Caller on D ?

    Hasn`t that traditionally been a LB in general and an ILB in particular? Like I know what I`m talking about, mind, but I wouldn`t at all be surprised if CNS doesn`t say something to the staff akin to, " If we have nothing else this year, the one thing we will NOT have is someone calling on field...
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    Well, Has CNS Started on the Clemson Game Plan Yet ??

    Just kidding ( but only a little ! )! Wouldn`t surprise me at all, however, if the staff paid a little " extra attention " to how/what they`re doing as this coming season roles along. :wink: Fine by me if they do. We won`t and shouldn`t, forget what happened.
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    Is Dabo Now "The Man" ?

    As the one, the only, Nature Boy Ric Flair said, " If you`re gonna be the man, you gotta beat the man ". Well...??
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    Tis a Day For the Wearin` O` the Green !!

    I suppose we`re all leprechauns today !! ?
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    Deonte Brown Injury?

    Did CNS mention anything? Came out and I didn`t see where he returned. His turf toe?
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    Do We Have to Win Out ( barn and UGA ) to Make the Playoffs??

    I know...what other teams may do has a bearing but IMHO Bama fatigue is real. My paranoid side tells me a lot of folks would like any excuse to leave us out. IMO that would be particularly so with a stumble, God forbid, against the barn.
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    Wonder if UT had any prospects at the game?

    That have offers from us? Anybody know? Good Lord!
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    Anybody Know What Recruits Might Be In Town ?

    Any word on visitors for this weekend?
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    Anybody Get Hurt?

    I know that Dylan was down but came back in later so he`s probably OK, albeit no doubt in the whirlpool this morning! Didn`t see or hear of anyone else.
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    Visitors for A&M

    Should be a big weekend, I would think. Hope we get some listings during the week ( Jam ? ).
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    First Shootout?

    As we've speculated pre-season, it might occur that the offense would have to "carry" the defense to an extent to which we are unaccustomed. Could this be the week?
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    Anybody Know of any Recruits in Town This Weekend?

    Haven`t seen anything definitive. It`s either my imagination or I thought I saw where Clay Webb and his mother might be on campus (?).
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    Fastest Team, Collectively, We`ve Ever Had ?

    Just get the feeling that it might be. Case in point, we have ILBs ( Dylan Moses )running down WRs.

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