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    Anybody go to the scrimmages?

    Did anyone roll in to check out the scrimmages? I was going to go, but we decided to go check out the basketball exhibition instead and the wife didn't want to hit up both.
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    Roster moves (transfers/draft/etc)

    I feel like this is getting started earlier this year, but since we already have 1 leaving, I'm going to go ahead and get a thread for this. I would expect a decent number to decide to move on this offseason. If you know/hear of anybody else, leave a comment and I'll edit them into this post...
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    New season, new coach

    New optimism from me. Anybody around to get excited about baseball season again? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bama in the 2015 MLB Draft

    Current players drafted: Mikey White -- 63rd (2nd round) - Oakland Athletics (Signed 6/12) Casey Hughston -- 96th (3rd round) - Pittsburgh Pirates (Signed 6/11) Taylor Guilbeau -- 314th (10th round) - Washington Nationals Kyle Overstreet -- 417th (14th round) - San Diego Padres (Signed 6/14)...
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    We're heading to Tallahassee again

    Going to #7 National Seed FSU, will face Troy in the opening game. Not the worst draw, but tough to get paired with a top 8 seed, even though FSU didn't end the season that well. I thought we'd be heading to Bloomington instead of Florida personally.
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    Picked up a 2013 commitment yesterday

    Hunter Webb - OF, Russell Co HS. Hit .408 last year according to what's listed at
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    This saddens me to no end to admit, but the end is in sight

    6 more games before this abortion of a season is over.
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    Predictions for the season

    We're only a day away so bring it on all you prognosticators! What have you got for each of these: overall season (Reg/SR/Omaha?/Host?): Regional (no host) Clubhouse leaders, (stab in the dark?) HRs: Smith SBs: Dugas AVG: Dugas RBI: Reaves Doubles: Roberts Triples: Dugas Wins: Sullivan Ks...
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    Countdown to baseball season

    Don't know about you guys, but I CAN'T WAIT!!!! 7 days and it will be the longest 7 days of your life (well mine anyways).
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    RivalsYAHOO! article about Bama's 2012 signing class Now, will they make it to campus? That's the kicker from here till next August.
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    Everybody made it through the draft, breakdown of roster So, this gives us (current roster + signing class): P: 18 (LHP: 4) C: 6 (Catcher is listed as a lot of players' backup position) INF: 8 OF: 10 I can never remember the roster number limit, I think we have to get it down to 35 by spring...
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    Well, this is kinda baseball related, but Jameis Winston to the Noles

    I think the football staff kinda hamstrung us a little bit in this situation. Kid wanted to play both football and baseball, so I think Saban didn't make him "AS" big a priority as he probably should've been. But I thought it was intriguing to say the least when Winston made a final trip down...
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    2012 Recruiting Class

    I don't know if this list is complete, but these are the guys I've seen who are listed as committed to us for next year's (2012) class. Matthew Goodson, Oxford, AL Mikey White, Spain Park Kyle Overstreet, Boaz Colton Freeman, Hoover Mitch Greer, Edgewood Academy Ray Castillo, Russell Co (just...
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    Looking at The Joe in a new light

    We think we've got it bad with our stadium, at least we have lights. Cal's having to host the SR at Santa Clara because they don't have any lights.
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    MLB 2011 Draft starts tonight

    Are we at risk of losing any of our recruits? I'm already assuming Dugas and Morgan are gone. Oh BTW, little blurb from PG about Lefty Matt Taylor who transferred (or got run off by Bunn, whichever you prefer), ranks as the no. 9 draft prospect in Georgia. 9. MATT TAYLOR, lhp, Middle Georgia...
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    Another bat question

    Can anyone tell me the name of the Nike bat(s) we're currently using? Trying to find some more info as far as differences between Nike vs Other Batmakers, to try and figure out why nearly every BBCOR bat review I've read said to stay away from Nike's. One "blog" even put nearly 10,000 swings in...
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    SEC T Game 1 UA vs Arky

    Top 1 Dugas gets it started with a two-strike single to left. Bennett bunts him over to second. 1 out. Reaves with an infield single. Runners on the corner, 1 out. Smith takes ball 4 off the thigh. Bases loaded, 1 out. Good at-bat by Smith. Fell down 0-2 and worked a HBP/BB. Dugas scores on...
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    Number of spots per position on SEC rosters

    Been a slow day today, so I figured I'd see how many of each position each school has on their 35-man roster (or 35+ in some cases). Here's what I found (not counting injuries). All positions listed (some schools list multiple positions for each player)(ties are broken by who has the most...
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    UA v Samford

    Samford up 3-0 in the 4th. I'm ready to change bats. They're putting us at a disadvantage power-wise.
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    A few stats to this point in the season

    Our team ERA is 3.18 Our team BA is .291, not terrible, but I'd like for it to be better personally. Opponents are hitting .237 against our pitchers. Our opponents ERA is 5.39 overall. Conference Statistics: Team ERA is 3.06. Kennedy's 27.00 is killing us here ;). Team BA is .291. Ironically...

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