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    Question: Anybody at A-day today??

    I was there and found it one of my favorite A-Days. The weather was very pleasant, and I was in a shady area the entire game. The guess I had for attendance was also 35,000-40,000. The lower level looked about half full to me, but the upper level was more sparsely filled. Unlike previous games...
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    Need recommendations on Bama football related books

    I forgot about this one when I made my earlier post. It is by far my favorite history of Alabama football. Forget Forrest Gump. This was Winston Groom's greatest achievement. What is so sad is that it needs a new chapter for the post 2009 years that someone else will have to write.
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    Need recommendations on Bama football related books

    I really liked the Last Coach and the Missing Ring, but my favorite was Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.
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    USA Today: Break up Saban's Monopoly

    Moving it to a Friday even would be great. Still, if you take the three games together, the broadcasters are most certainly making more than they did with BCS.
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    To Our OSU Posters’ Class On A Tough Night

    Your contributions are much appreciated. It is always a pleasure to read what you have to say, which is invariably thoughtful and often insightful.
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    USA Today: Break up Saban's Monopoly

    The message of the article seems to be "Since we cannot win, someone needs to change the rules to make it easier for us."
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    Congratulations! You guys were awesome tonight and clearly the better team. Enjoy the the NC and hopefully

    I really admired Ohio State's determination. Those players fought their hardest, and this is the only time I can think of really feeling sorry for Alabama's foes after a championship game.
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    Merry Christmas, TideFans!

    Merry Christmas all!
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    You guys can thank Clemson

    Personally, I am looking forward to the game and consider Notre Dame something of a national rival whom we rarely play. Having the chance to match up with your team again is quite welcome in my book.
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    Question: What was your favorite bama sec championship game/moment?

    I really enjoyed the 2009 game when McClain tackled Tebow for a loss when he tried to run early in the game. At that point, I saw surprise in Tebow's eyes, and I knew we were going to win. It is one of the clips in the Our Tradition video these days, I believe.
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    I did this for UT so I'll do it for the barn: Favorite barn moment

    My favorite was 2008. The whole weekend was great. My wife and I visited my mother-in-law, and at one point, we took her to Wal-Mart to shop. She noticed that very little Alabama merchandise was visible, but Auburn flags, blankets, ponchos, and anything else you could think of was plentiful...
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    BREAKING Bama-LSU postponed

    I definitely hope not. To me this seems like the sort of disruption we expected before moving ahead with the season but had not seen materialize on that large of a scale.
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    Game Thread: #1 Clemson vs. #4 Notre Dame

    He would probably have been a good quarterback, too.
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    Favorite Bama-Ut moment

    I was there for Rocky Block, which was definitely one of my favorites. At the time, though, I did not enjoy the game until it ended. Probably my favorite overall experience was in 2015, when my wife and I sat behind a college-aged couple. The woman was dressed in the vile garb of a Tennessee...
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    Poll: College football fandom conversions stories - and a poll...

    I do not recall if I have posted before, but if I have it has been a long time. Thinking of conversion stories, my wife and my own come to mind. I had always been semi-interested in Alabama, and watched about half of the 1993 Sugar Bowl during my senior year of high school. Still, I never...