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  1. Tide Rev

    Gus Malzahn fired (and (laughable) coaching search...)

    Subject:[EXTERNAL] [Fblocal] Auburn announces football coaching change AUBURN ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT Athletics Communications 392 S. Donahue Dr. | Auburn, AL 36849 (334) 444-9800 | Twitter: @AUAthletics / Facebook: AuburnAthletics FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2020...
  2. Tide Rev

    Game Thread: Bama/OU 3 - The Crimson Battle

    Just got in after a long ministry day and we win. Don’t have a clue what Murph should do but let’s go win this! RTR
  3. Tide Rev

    Game Thread: Bama/Wildcats elimination game

    Well, it worked against UF, so here we go again. I am sure Murph will pitch Montana. Here’s hoping she shuts them down and our hot hitting continues. I only hope we did not shoot all our shots against the Gators. With my church schedule tomorrow, I may not make it through this one. If we win, I...
  4. Tide Rev

    Game Thread: Bama/Gators elimination game

    Looking forward to this game. Who does Murph start? I think it has to be Cornell. You need to save Montana for tonight. They have seen Goodman twice in a row now. It should be a good game.
  5. Tide Rev

    Chris Stewart medical procedure is reporting Chris had a major medical procedure today. My son who is in broadcasting just messaged me that Kirk McNair posted it was brain surgery for a clot. I would link the article but do not know how to do it. I know he and his family would appreciate the prayers of support.
  6. Tide Rev

    Something to think about for next season

    We will be back in the same position next year as we were this year, no proven QB. Expect the same kind of year next year.
  7. Tide Rev

    David Langner has passed away

    Langner of Punt Bama Punt fame has passed away.
  8. Tide Rev

    Looking for 2 to Arkansas

    Looking for 2 tickets to me if you have some to sell. Thanks and RTR
  9. Tide Rev

    Montgomery area cemetery plots for sale

    I have 2 plots in Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery for sale. My Dad purchased these for me and my brother years ago. We have just discovered this out and have no need for them. Would love to give them away but we need the money to pay for my Mom's care. 2 plots across from the Veterans...
  10. Tide Rev

    Looking for 3-4 tickets to the Iron Bowl

    Looking for 3-4 tickets to the me if needed.
  11. Tide Rev

    Prayer request for Mother and family

    Tide Fans, My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and the Dr told me she cannot live by herself anymore. Mom and our family does not have the financial resources yet to put her in a place that would be best for her. Our family is going to have to decide whether she comes to my house here...
  12. Tide Rev

    Need 2 or 4 together for Ole Miss Game Sept 29th

    I am looking for 2 or 4 tickets to the Ole Miss game on September 29th...taking my son and his new girlfriend (she has never been to a Bama game) along with me and hopefully my wife. PM me with information. Thanks and RTR
  13. Tide Rev

    Tuscaloosa Home Depot and The Bama National Championships

    Sports Illustrated has a tidbit in this week's issue. It says "A Home Depot in Tuscaloosa has replaced its traditional aisle numbers with numerals corresponding to the years of the Crimson Tide's 14 National Championships." That is cool but my first thought after reading this was that Auburn...
  14. Tide Rev

    Game Thread: Georgia Southern vs. North Dakota St

    GSU just started their game in the D1 semifinals against ND State. Hope they win to get to the finals. If they play anywhere close to they did when they played us, they should have no problems. Go GSU! plus I love option football and watching it ran like Ga Southern runs it.
  15. Tide Rev

    Iron Bowl Week is Officially Here!

    It has been a long 358 days since I walked out of BDS last November after the crushing loss to the Barn. I am 50 years old and have been a Bama fan since I can remember. This week has always been important to the Bama fans I know. Some of you younger folks may not think this game is as important...
  16. Tide Rev

    Question: If BDS ever sustained any kind of damage...

    I thought about this today...If BDS sustained any kind of damage from a storm and we could not repair it in time for football season, where would we play our home games? I thought first about Legion Field but wondered if we would go back there in that case. There is no place except for AU that...
  17. Tide Rev

    Question: Randy Billingsley wearing #22 after Johnny Musso

    Need some help from some veterans... There was a question on Smartest Bama Fan trivia game concerning this issue awhile back. The question was whether Randy Billingsley wore #22 the year after Johnny Musso graduated. I remember him wearing it at some point but not for the whole season. I have...
  18. Tide Rev

    Link: Assasin Maintains He Cannot Remember Shooting RFK

    Assassin Maintains He Can't Remember Shooting RFK - I guess the Cam Newton reasonlng has reached Sirhan in the California prison... Unbelievable
  19. Tide Rev

    Anybody watching the Auburn-LSU game?

    It is 32-6 LSU at halftime in Auburn. AU is shooting 8% for the half. This is too is hoping it happens in a similar way Monday night.
  20. Tide Rev

    Welcome CJ Moseley

    Welcome CJ to the Crimson Family...he just declared for Bama on NBC

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