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  1. dayhiker

    Jackie Sherrill Accepts Settlement Against NCAA - Rich Johanningmeier had a bad day

    So, our old buddy Rich Johanningmeier must have had a really bad day in court Tuesday and Wednesday. Darn...
  2. dayhiker

    UT streak (joke)

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  3. dayhiker

    Smoked cheese

    Have any of yall done smoked cheese? If not, when the weather cools off, give it a try. I am so glad I smoked a few pounds of pepper jack before the weather warmed up. I hope it will last the summer. I had some in my scrambled eggs this morning, which is why it's on the brain. Get a screen...
  4. dayhiker

    Georgia: Red and Black finally wins championship in state of Georgia

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  5. dayhiker

    CECIL HURT: Sooner or later, things have to change for Alabama basketball

    I think we know where Cecil stands:
  6. dayhiker

    Coach O’s Nike ad.

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  7. dayhiker

    Croyle thread - accidently deleted it

    Guys, I need to apologize. I posted something to the thread this morning, thought better of it, came back to the thread to delete the comment, and managed to delete the whole thread. It was not deleted because of content, or because someone misbehaved. I screwed up. I'm sorry about that guys.
  8. dayhiker

    Need a single Kentucky ticket

    I have 4 for the game, but need a fifth.
  9. dayhiker

    Game Thread: Bama vs Arky - Game Thread

    I'm about to head to Tuscaloosa for the game, but thought I'd open this up before I left. RTR.
  10. dayhiker

    News Article: Kevin Turner's son to play safety at Clemson

    I didn't see this already posted. It's long, but worth the read.
  11. dayhiker

    Bama - Winthrop Game Thread - 8pm CST

    Play Ball!
  12. dayhiker

    Funny: Baltimore prepares for Hurricane Joaqin - The Onion

    Baltimore Preparing For Hurricane Joaquin By Adding Second Layer Of Plywood To Shuttered Small Businesses
  13. dayhiker

    6 Books on Pres. Obama's Summer Reading List

    The Washington Post has a headline of, "6 Books on Pres. Obama's Summer Reading List." I couldn't read the article since I'm not signed up with the WP. I bet some of our creative folks on TF can pass along their own titles that they think is on his summer list. Go.
  14. dayhiker

    Game Thread: Bama vs LSU ESPN2 8PM EST

    I won't be around to open the thread later, so the bar is open now. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
  15. dayhiker

    Game Thread: ****Bama vs Florida****6pm CT, ESPN2

    Game on
  16. dayhiker

    Was Tebow the last QB without a prior arrest to beat Bama?

    There was a thread about this last year, but I couldn't find it. With Nick Marshall, the streak continues. Who was the last QB to beat Bama that didn't not have a prior arrest record?
  17. dayhiker

    WUOA playing 2013 games today

    They are currently showing the A&M game. They have the radio feed playing in sync with the video. They are showing the whole season. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk HD
  18. dayhiker

    Finebaum trolls SI

    This is a goodie:
  19. dayhiker

    Amazing tale of overcoming adversity

    Amazing tale of overcoming adversity If they were rescued in 2 hours, makes you wonder how long they were "lost" before calling for help.

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