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  1. AUDub

    Bama Game Thread: Alabama v. Samford

    Bama up 42-22 with about 5 to go first half. Rest of the SEC having a pretty rough evening.
  2. AUDub

    Ole Miss: Matt Luke Reportedly Fired @ Ole Miss

    Wonder who they snag to take over. Not exactly a plum job.
  3. AUDub

    Game Thread: The Egg Bowl

    Moorehead fighting for his job and Ole Miss basically playing for respect. Gotta hand it to Plumlee. He's improving as a passer.
  4. AUDub

    Game Thread: UGA @ AU: “The DSOR”

    Welp, let's get this party started.
  5. AUDub

    The Wiseman situation at Memphis

    So here's what's going on. Wiseman is freshman at Memphis playing under 1st year head coach Penny Hardaway. Last night, the NCAA ruled him ineligible. Penny, back when he was a AAU coach, paid to move Wiseman and his family to the Memphis area 2 years ago. The NCAA last night decided Hardaway...
  6. AUDub

    Game Thread: Auburn at LSU

    Well. Here we go.
  7. AUDub

    Game Thread: Auburn at aTm

    Welp, first big road test.
  8. AUDub

    Link: Week 3 Polls

    AP 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Georgia 4. LSU 5. Oklahoma 6. Ohio State 7. Notre Dame 8. Auburn 9. Florida 10. Michigan 11. Utah 12. Texas 13. Penn State 14. Wisconsin 15. Oregon 16. Texas A&M 17. UCF 18. Michigan State 19. Iowa...
  9. AUDub

    Game Thread: Oregon vs. Auburn in Jerry World

    Guess I'll start it. Let's see if we can get this year off on the right foot.
  10. AUDub

    ESPN accidentally displays the NCAA Women's Bracket

    Somebody 'bout to get fired.
  11. AUDub

    Link: Rivals got catfished with a fake recruit. It should be noted that 247 had a profile, but they did not rank him, and since their process is automated, they get a pass. Rivals looks...
  12. AUDub

    News Article: Ibuprofen: Dr Stewart Adams who helped discover drug dies at 95

    Link This man bailed me out of more hangovers than I can count. RIP.
  13. AUDub

    News Article: Meghan McCain and the Women’s March

    Link Yeah, this pretty much had to happen. While I wholeheartedly embrace the concept and goals of the Women’s March, their supposed leaders are a hilarious embarrassment.
  14. AUDub

    Jim Chaney leaves Georgia for UT This is interesting. Wonder who UGA goes after to fill the void.
  15. AUDub

    Rich Rodriguez to Ole Miss as OC

    This is an intriguing hire. To think, he was almost your head coach.
  16. AUDub

    News Article: Mark Richt to Retire at Miami I’m gobsmacked.
  17. AUDub

    Link: Season Long Polls and Rankings Thread

    Figured with the debut of the committee's new ranking system, a thread wouldn't be a bad idea. For the uninitiated, the NCAA is no longer using RPI. They have a new system called NET, for NCAA Evaluation Tool...
  18. AUDub

    Game Thread: The Egg Bowl

    Think State is going to run all over OM. Here’s to a good game while we all rest and digest! :cheers2:
  19. AUDub

    Must be a day that ends in a Y
  20. AUDub

    Game Thread: Auburn @ Ole Miss

    Not getting my hopes up lol.

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