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    The Season is 1/4th of the way over & Now's the Time for Predictions.

    If Bama and ND were to both go undefeated and play in the NCG the TV ratings would be out of this world with every SEC fan and every catholic watching. ND is ALWAYs way over rated. But for some reason I think they are actually good this year. And they do (at least looks that way at this...
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    Why do so many people assume the top ranked CFB team is cheating?

    Because it is easier to say someone cheated instead of admitting they 1. Out Recruited you 2. Out coached you 3. Out played you
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    RV pass for Alabama verses Missouri

    I have an Etra RV pass for the game. I purchased it for a friend in St Louis cost $225 Contact info- cell- 573-529-2483 I can give you a map of the area with lot desinations and rules upon request. The lot is for RVs only and is first come first serve for the prime...