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    BREAKING Yet More Woes for LSU (and Orgeron)

    LSU starting left tackle enters transfer portal according to ESPN
  2. Bama75&80

    Best Running Backs pre Saban, Since Saban

    You are correct in wishbone timing. Listened to the game on radio with John forney from west coast and then celebrated with the campus in the Rose Adminstration building fountain🤪
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    What are some games that Alabama was lucky or very fortunate to win?

    I was at the game as a student and crowd was just stunned at what we were seeing. Pretty big cheer in the old bowl for that field goal.🤪
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    General SEC Tournament Thread...

    Does anyone know if the SEC automatic qualifier is the regular season champ or the tournament champ. I’m having a little trouble finding what the SEC decided. Thanks 😊
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...

    Old Bama is the same for me. We should have beaten Indiana. Leon was a load for Benson. Our guards were so quick. 🤨
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    National Championship Celebration?

    Just curious, about how long before they put the 2020 on coach’s statue? Thanks🙂
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    Alex Leatherwoods position on the line to the right of Evan Neal

    Just noticed that Leatherwood was to the right of Evan Neal on the Harris “twisted ankle” touchdown. Was this a wrinkle for OSU or had we done that earlier in the year? Leatherwood overpowers his opposite.
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    Let's Say It Together: Coach Nick Saban is the Greatest of All Time!

    I’m curious, is coach Saban the first coach in the modern era to win national championships in three separate decades?
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. Gators, CBS 7:00 CST December 19...

    Roll Tide and time to win an SEC Championship in this decade—to keep the streak going😀
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    News Article: Time to face reality: ‘No one is playing college football in the fall’ (or are they?)

    New Zealand is a perfect example on how things could be handled with a satisfactory result. Tough decisions and citizens doing what’s best for the entire country.
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    Question: BAMA B'BALL QUIZ: Fav 3 Bball alums ...

    2, 4 & 12. Still absolutely can’t believe Charles Cleveland was never a long time all pro. The man could flat out shoot from anywhere. On the freshman team, he did. RIP
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    Favorite play in Alabama history

    2nd and 26 no doubt great but such a close second for me was listening to Kenny Stablers run in the mud on my Auburn brothers’ micro-transistor radio and rubbing it in for the next year. That young kid still finds his older brother when we win to rub it in. Also, Homan had a great block.
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    Are we at jeopardy of losing our season

    “I am not a number”
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    Game Thread: Easton Bama Bash

    Thanks for the detailed update for those of us several states away. Getting first hand info is great. RTR
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    Kyle Mann

    Anyone remember Sammy Gellerstedt (sp) early 70’s interior terror—unbelievably quick for the era.
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    Pick the score: Alabama vs. Michigan

    Bama - 52 Michigan - 28
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    Mac Jones makes announcement on future via Instagram (He's Staying)

    Great start to prepare for next year.
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    Since the Saban Era, who has been the most feared Bama player?

    A healthy Tua is unstoppable. He’ll take what you’re willing to give and sometimes (Vandy blind throw) what you thought was covered.
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    2020 Prospect: 4* OT Javion Cohen Commits to Bama (flips from the Barn)

    Always GREAT to beat Auburn in Every. Single. Thing. RTR