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  1. CrimSonami


    Just saw on FB Herb Jones is coming back for his senior season! Got chill bumps when I read it! WOOT!!!
  2. CrimSonami

    Question: ISO Info - Point University, West Point, GA

    My son has been offered to play football at Point. Visited on Tuesday and was pleased. Just wanna gather some intel from anyone who's has had or knows someone with experiences there. TIA
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    Question: Will the '19 Defense improve?

    Now that we know, presumably, that "Q" is the only early declaration will the defense improve? I realize it was Tosh's first shot out of the gun and we started out great but faltered later into the SEC run. I also think there was A LOT more yapping with the opposition and lack of focus this...
  4. CrimSonami

    Question: Did Bama B-Ball Over or Under Achieve?

    I've been a casual basketball fan for many years but the older I get the more I find myself watching sports as opposed to participation and physical activity. So I wonder what the Bama fan base thinks of the season. Did we achieve as expected, over achieve or under achieve. I ask this because...
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    SEC reallignment - Moving Season? No. Leave Vandy & switch the Barn for Mizzou then go to 9 game conference schedule. Yeah, very debatable but that's my preference.
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    Looking for Hunting Land Lease.

    Haven't hunted seriously in several years but my 15 year old has prompted me to get back into it. We had a spot 2 seasons ago but that fell through due to a divorce. (Not me but a family member) Looking for something in north Alabama area. Have a cousin and a coworker wanting to find something...
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    Question: Should the SEC go to no division?

    Okay. I listen to Thom Abraham during my evening commute. (Just can't stomach "Pawl" anymore). During his Thursday show the Big12-2 fiasco prompted this scenario: Dissolve divisions with each team having 3 annual rivalry games (Barn, Viles & Corndogs for Bama). This would allow a more frequent...
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    Question: Vandy Game Tickets

    So. Considering driving up to Vandy for the game Saturday. How should I acquire tickets?
  9. CrimSonami

    Question: Should Stanford have been in top 4?

    With OU and MSU getting pretty much embarrassed is this a sign Stanford is actually a better team? If not, then who? Or is the talent and/or coaching gap just that wide? Thoughts?
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    Question: Tomorrows Ranking

    Well, with FSU and the Utes losing today where do we end up in the poll tomorrow? Any win against that puke orange is always good but does the narrow win against the viles at home keep us out of the top five? Whadaya think? RTR!!!
  11. CrimSonami

    Question: Arkansas Strengths/Weaknesses?

    I'm thinking we'll handle the hogs pretty handily. But I thought the same last year. 1 - How does this team respond after the emotional high at UGA? 2 - Is their O-Line going to test our front seven? RTR!!!
  12. CrimSonami

    CNS supports our Kickers. We should too!

    From CNS last night; "Aight, because all of your negative thoughts and all your, I hate to say it, I'm not going to say it. You know what I want to say," Saban said. "It starts with a 'b' and the second word starts with an 's' about what you say about these guys really affects them in a...
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    GameFace Check!!!

    Who's gettin' FIRED UP!!!!!????? YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Question: LSU vs MSU defenses?

    Eye test and stats tell me we faced the toughest defense of the season last night. But I'd like input from those more knowledgeable than myself as to the comparison to what we'll be facing in MSU.
  15. CrimSonami

    The "I'm ashamed of myself" thread.

    Okay...... I must admit I'm ashamed of myself. Last night I openly questioned the decision to kick the field goal that ultimately cost us a chance to win it in the end. I thought we should have taken our chances in OT. But after listening to CNS response on the decision I can now say I stand...
  16. CrimSonami

    Kevin Norwood Appreciation Thread.

    Posted in another thread that KN is one of my favorite offensive players. To me he is "MR. Clutch" on 3rd and "Gotta Have It" pass plays. This guy just goes about his business and shines brightest at the most critical times. I for one appreciate his talent and attitude. RTR!!!
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    Question: SEC Footbal Arrests and Suspensions - Over or Under Par?

    My curiousity has peaked with all the recent negative news surrounding the SEC. Although I never attended college I realize the culture and atmosphere of college life can promote less than desirable behaviour and substance abuse. Won't say I live in a shell but I don't follow other conference...
  18. CrimSonami

    Question: Will Vinnie transfer or stay?

    Now that it's official that Sal is going to UT will Vinnie stay at Bama or go with Dad? Anyone heard anything solid? RTR!!!
  19. CrimSonami

    Question - Would Lattimore have been a Heisman candidate?

    Just want to know how other Bama fans feel about Marcus' chances had he not been injured. I was kinda torn early in the season between Trent and Marcus. I know it's somewhat hypohetical but.......... WHAT IF? RTR!!!
  20. CrimSonami

    Flags half staff - Never Forget.

    Please do not forget that terrible day 10 years ago. Please half staff your flag today. If you don't have a flag please go get one. And to all those directly affected by this tragedy our prayers are still with you and your families. God Bless America.