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  1. TheRealPokeChop

    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    Anyone with a subscription want to fill us in on why JTT cancelled, are we out or did he reschedule?
  2. TheRealPokeChop

    Falcons sign AJ McCarron.

    Man has the best job in the world for at least one more year.
  3. TheRealPokeChop

    Would we take him and what do our buckeye friends think (ex-OSU WR Jameson Williams)

    Our offense really needs 5 to 6 guys that can be ready to compete. Shouldn't really be a surprise that saban wanted to add an experienced guy with elite speed and size. And it wouldn't be a surprise to see some guys on the roster transfer after summer practice anyway Good pick up.
  4. TheRealPokeChop

    Harsin just dubbed us “the team up North”

    I wonder if alabama will ever be able to auburn and their top 40 recruiting classes he will sign.
  5. TheRealPokeChop

    Tampa Bay Defense - any lessons for Bama Defensive Coaches?

    Start by taking out the teams two best offensive tackles and reinjure the qbs foot early, after that it will all fall into place
  6. TheRealPokeChop

    Auburn's New Recruiting Angle...

    They racked up on players ranked 600-700
  7. TheRealPokeChop

    2021 coaching carousel

    No one in there right mind with any other options wants the UT job....its perfect for Kevin steele
  8. TheRealPokeChop

    General Thoughts About Doug Marrone As O Line Coach?

    Hed be a great hire, drop off from flood would be minimal or nonexistent.
  9. TheRealPokeChop

    Coaching Staff Changes

    For special teams and TE im hoping for kitchens, keep this NFL clinic rolling
  10. TheRealPokeChop

    News Article: Ranking Nick Saban's six Alabama national championship teams

    1. 2020 perfect 2. 2017 only loss was a bit of a fluke 3. 2012 more balanaced 2015 on o and d 4. 2015 Henry gives this the nod over 09 5. 2009 perfect but overachieved 6. 2011 (best defense maybe the worst offense, aj just wasn't there yet)
  11. TheRealPokeChop

    Pete Golding is better than Brent Vulnerables. Accept it.

    Dontbonow if id go that far, but golding has shown up since the ole miss game I have high hopes for next years defense
  12. TheRealPokeChop

    Should Mac Jones stay?

    Can't see a reason why, other than a hope of being the #1 overall in 2022. Nows probably a good time to cash in. Though id love to have him back
  13. TheRealPokeChop

    BREAKING Bill O’Brien a candidate for OC (update: officially hired!)

    This would be a very good hire fwiw, if it becomes official
  14. TheRealPokeChop

    Impact of Missing OSU DL

    Thanks for all the updates.
  15. TheRealPokeChop

    Things just continue to crumble around Univ. of Fourteennessee (Announces NCAA investigation)

    Bama can't hire Pruitt if fulmer makes sure he gets a show cause.
  16. TheRealPokeChop

    Impact of Missing OSU DL

    Can't see this not being a shootout if Ohio state wins it, sounds weird but id wouldn't be as worried about my dline being out as much as an offensive unit being unavailable
  17. TheRealPokeChop

    COVID Threatens CFP Final

    If its just the d line, play the game, bama scoring 50 either way
  18. TheRealPokeChop

    2020 coaching carousel

    If sark is offering promotions for guys on staff, I dint see the issue. Just hoping we hold off any lateral moves. Cant blame anyone for moving up the coaching hierarchy.
  19. TheRealPokeChop

    Predicting Alabama's next OC

    I think milwee and applewhite would be good for continuity But I want Herman, or the ole miss or Kent state OC Kitchens will inevitably be on a Saban staff at some point. May or may not be this year or at OC but its coming. I'd happily take Obrien at an analyst spot, college maybe his only...

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