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    Biggest hurdles in 2021 season?

    It seems to me that many of the Tide's traditionally tough opponents are suffering from self inflected wounds. LSU is suffering from high churn in the coaching staff and in their players. Auburn has a young coach who has no SEC experience and is in for a very rude awakening. And...
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    Senator Tubs?? How can that happen?

    Not any comment on Tuberville's politics, but how could any Bama fan ever vote for the guy? Don't Bama fans remember "Fear the thumb?" and all of the humiliations he piled upon Bama during the Dubose - Fran- Shula years? For fans that say football and politics are separate, I can only quote...
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    How will CFB adjust to the transfer portal?

    It seems to me that the NCAA is becoming ever more lenient regarding the use of the transfer portal by players. While I think this is probably fair (a student athlete should be given the same chance to transfer afforded to all other students) I think that it is going to complicate roster...
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    Freddie Kitchens to the Big Apple

    Apparently Freddie is going to the Jersey Giants. His exact role is not yet clear as they already have an OC. But nice to see him land on his feet.
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    Freddie Kitchens fired by Browns

    In the long run, they probably did Freddie a favor. A dysfunctional organization in a dysfunctional city.
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    Great article on the future of the Tide

    From Spencer Hall over at EDSBS:
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    What is up with the defensive secondary?

    The rather disappointing performance of the defensive secondary in pass situations against the Piggies has highlighted a nagging concern of mine. It seems that my stomach tightens every time the Tide has a opponent facing third and long. The secondary gets burned far to many times in these...
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    What is the probability the Tide will win another NC this year?

    Well, the Tide is going into this season ranked #1 once again, and looking for a repeat. And we can safely say that they are the team that is more likely than any other to be hoisting another crystal football next January. But being the favorite is a relative measure. What is the absolute...
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    Off season topic: Bring back the tie!

    We are truly in the depths of the offseason, with nothing much to talk about except very premature polls and player arrests. So I would like to argue that the NCAA should consider reintroducing the tie. I can think of at least four reasons to do so: 1. Doing away with the tie and putting in...
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    What's the best mix in wins and losses?

    The loss to Ole Miss this week and the response to it has gotten me thinking what the ideal mix of wins and losses is for a fan base. You might say that obviously you want your team to win all of their games. Well, maybe. But it is human nature to acclimate to the situation in which one finds...
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    Could the SEC get left out in the cold this year?

    Looking at the SEC west, it appears to me that the competition will be tougher than many years, with no really dominant team. If this is the case, I could easily see no team running the gauntlet with less than two losses. Over in the east UGA looks to dominate, but I expect them to implode...
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    How good are the preseason polls?

    Since it is the offseason, one of the things we will all be looking at over the coming weeks are the preseason polls. While these can be fun and may in some cases be self fulfilling (i.e. it is more likely for a highly ranked team to stay that way, and it is more difficult for a low ranked team...
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    BCS 2014 - what would have been?

    For those hating the playoff committee, I wonder if they have considered what would have happened if we were still in the BCS system. Ohio State would have obviously been out. But that would leave two one loss teams ( Bama and Oregon) ranked 1 and 2 and the sole undefeated team and defending...
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    What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    There is clearly a lot of football to play in the season. But I could easily see the following scenario playing out: 1. Alabama wins out 2. Ole Miss goes undefeated into the Egg Bowl and State wins. This leaves Alabama, Miss State and Ole Miss in a three way tie, each with 1 loss records...
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    Emphasizing recruiting - Is it gilding the lily?

    Thee has been some discussion on the board about the balance between recruiting prowess and "coaching them up", with some suggesting that the balance might be tipping more towards recruiting than might be ideal. I would like to go a step further and argue that for Alabama, recruting prowess...
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    Defending the HUNH

    The Hurry Up No Huddle offense (HUNH) seems to be the latest fad in college offenses, replacing Urban's vaunted spread as the darling of the moment. I imagine that the Tide will be seeing this a few times this season. It seems to me that the current Tide defensive strategy of complex...
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    Six things I hope to witness in the 2013 season

    1. Watching Alabama start at #1, and end the regular season the same way, winning all regular season games and the SECCG. 2. Watching Allbarn play Gussieball. I expect a wide open offense with a bunch of trick plays and plays that look like they were drawn up in the dirt by a 12 year old on...
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    Bear's boys still active in college football?

    With Mal's passing and the appointment of CBB as the new AD, I became curious as to how many of Bear's Boys were still active professionals in college athletics. If you were freshman at UA in 1982, the year CBB retired, you would technically have played for CBB an might be counted as one of...
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    What are the chances for a threepeat?

    I know that everyone on this board is hoping for a third NC in 2013, but people should not be disappointed if this does not happen. A priori, one can use basic probability theory and data from the past several seasons to make a prediction about how likely it is that Alabama will cruise to a...
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    What's happened with Mike DuBose?

    I like to keep up with the activities of the old coaches. I saw that Mike Price announced his retirement a few weeks ago, and I piqued my interest in what Mike the first was up to. A google search says that his last position was at Memphis, but apparently he was let go when the new regime came...