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  1. Boo Radley

    Link: College Football Playoff Bachelorette: Sorry, Ohio State, but you are NOT IN

  2. Boo Radley

    Link: Julio Jones to hold out of Matt Ryan’s offseason passing camp (satire) Will someone please tell me that this is a joke? Mods please move this to the existing Julio Jones thread if you want, I thought it might get buried. I'm hoping that someone will please tell me that Julio is playing a prank.
  3. Boo Radley

    Link: SEC Country: Shaun Alexander discusses former teammate Jeremy Pruitt

    This is from a few months ago (sorry if already posted), but I just ran across it and laughed out loud at the very end of the video I have been a big fan of #37 since he ran wild at LSU as a freshman for Bebes. As a side note, I found his comment about...
  4. Boo Radley

    Question: Hey TIDEnGA, give us a team flight report.

    What was the overall mood like on board the Big Easy charter? Any different from last year or previous championship flights?I'm assuming that it was business as usual, but no matter, I always look forward to your postseason flight reports.RTR
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    Link: Former Alabama Men’s Golfer Justin Thomas Wins 2017 PGA Championship

    Congrats to Justin Thomas on a fantastic year!
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    Link: La. Sports Radio Host calling SEC headquarters about officials being in Tank for Bama

    Mods, this could probably go in any of the "officiating" threads, but I thought that since this was LSU week, and it was so outlandish, that it could stand on its own. If not, you know what to do. This could be comical, were it not so pitiful. Wait, it's LSU. It is comical...
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    Link: Blake Sims was the scout-team QB for Alabama this week

    Searched, but didn't find this posted. If it was, Mods know what to do.
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    2 Ole Miss Tide Pride

    SOLD 2 seats in Sec U1-HH, between the 45-50 yd lines. View from my seats: Delivery anywhere via PM me if you're interested. RTR
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    2 Tide Pride tickets for MTSU

  10. Boo Radley

    Link: Army Bowl Poll: Alabama has best campus And in other news: Favorite stadium and best game-day atmosphere: Friendliest HC...
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    Question: This wasn't flagged tonight, but what should have been called?

    Unnecessary what? :biggrin:
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    2 tickets available for aTm

    Section NN-7, Row 23, Seats 1 & 2 (aisle) FACE VALUE! Can transfer via email. Link: PM me.
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    Congratulations to the Crimson Tide Women's Softball Team ... Super Regional winners!

    On to the World Series for another title. Roll Tide Roll!
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    Link: Happy Mother's Day to all TideFan moms!

    You're the true unsung heroines of the world. This is to keep the thread football related: Top NFL draft picks share thoughts on moms ahead of Mother's Day
  15. Boo Radley

    Link: Greg McElroy on FOX Football Daily

    Anybody know if this is more than a one time guest appearance? He's very good in front of a studio camera, and maybe getting a foot into another future career.
  16. Boo Radley

    Link: BOL (free): Kiffin sings 'Sweet Home Alabama'

    Much better than "singing Rocky Top all night long." :wink:
  17. Boo Radley

    Link: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    Just reporting ESPN scoop, but reporting it's official nonetheless Confirmed: confirmed the report before the official team Twitter account announced the news.
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    Link: Forbes: Nick Saban's Football Dynasty Is Still Alive And Well

    Link: Don't Worry Alabama Fans, Nick Saban's Football Dynasty Is Still Alive And Well RTR!
  19. Boo Radley

    Link: Good laugh from Footlocker

    Check out the video. Link: Footlocker Commercial :biggrin2: