Waste Water Pumping
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    Big A Waste Water Pumping

    This past weekend while I was RV'ing at another campus, I noticed that there was a truck going around the RV lots offering freshwater and waste water pumping on the spot.

    Has anyone ever seen this in Tuscaloosa or know if it's available? I'm concerned about the Thanksgiving weekend - there are 5 of us and dry camping from Wednesday to Saturday could test my holding tanks.

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    Re: Waste Water Pumping

    The Marine Lot offers this service, you might want to check with them or someone who parks there.

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    Re: Waste Water Pumping

    There is a company called "Spanky's". They do on-site portable waste dumping.I am sure you can find them in the phone book. they come to the site that we RV and they charge around $15.00-$20.00 to pump out the black water...at least that is what the worker told me one day. Sorry but I don't have their number.

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    Unhappy Re: Waste Water Pumping

    Thanks everyone for your response. I've got them coming if I'm there.

    I just about decided to quit the rv scenr at Tuscaloosa. It breaks my heart, but the people at other campuses, particularly Auburn, are much nicer and helpful and seem to be genuinely good people.
    Noone at my Rv lot has ever even spoken to me and my kids. No conversation, no friendship, nothing. What's the point in spending $1,000 to sit inor at my RV on game day and have no body to enjoy it with or even talk to.

    I think I'm dropping out. There is going to be an RV spot for Miss State, GA state and Auburn as well as at least two tickets to each game if any one wants them. I honestly don't feel at home anymore - and it kills me. I love Alabama, I love the University, I love it all but I guess I don't belong.

    I just wish I could go back and return the two degrees I've got and start over somewhere else.

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    Re: Waste Water Pumping

    Sorry you had this kind of experience.We have been tailgating i.n the r v lots for 15 0r 16 yrs and have always been fortunate to have neighbors that were friendly and accomodating.It could be the lot you are in. good luck .



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