2011 ASWA 5A All-State Team
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    2011 ASWA 5A All-State Team


    QB: Jameis Winston, Hueytown, Sr., (6'4'' 200lbs.)

    RB: Maurice Crews, Eufaula, Sr., (5'9'' 185lbs.)

    RB: Courtney Downing, Charles Henderson, Jr., (5'10'' 180lbs.)

    RB: Lorenzo Gray, Pinson Valley, Sr., (5'11'' 185lbs.)

    WR: Darrin Peterson, Etowah, Sr., (6'4'' 195lbs.)

    WR: Earnest Robinson, Pinson Valley, Jr., (6'3'' 200lbs.)

    WR: Tony Whitehead, Paul Bryant, Jr., (6'2'' 195lbs.)

    OL: Brooks Bedford, Hueytown, Sr., (6'3'' 270lbs.)

    OL: Tim Crenshaw, Briarwood Christian, Sr., (6'5'' 285lbs.)

    OL: Steve Foster, Demopolis, Sr., (6'4'' 295lbs.)

    OL: Nick Maxey, Briarwood Christian, Sr., (5'10'' 260lbs.)

    OL: Will Swann, Hartselle, Sr., (6'0'' 245lbs.)

    K: Mark Laney, West Point, Sr., (5'11'' 210lbs.)

    ATH: Deon Johnson, Spanish Fort, Jr., (6'1'' 175lbs.)


    DB: Tyreece Mayo, Eufaula, Sr., (6'2'' 175lbs.)

    DB: Cedric Poole, Center Point, Sr., (5'10'' 155lbs.)

    DB: DeVonta Staples, Valley, Sr., (6'2'' 190lbs.)

    DB: Andrew Winfrey, Cullman, So., (5'10'' 165lbs.)

    LB: Brian Barnett, Wenonah, Sr., (6'1'' 215lbs.)

    LB: Zac Cunningham, Pinson Valley, Jr., (6'3'' 205lbs.)

    LB: Deshaun Davis, Vigor, So., (5'11'' 220lbs.)

    LB: Jordan Orr, Hartselle, Sr., (5'9'' 202lbs.)

    DL: Dee Liner, Muscle Shoals, Jr., (6'4'' 255lbs.)

    DL: Darius Philon, Vigor, Sr., (6'2'' 275lbs.)

    DL: Chris Rabb, Hueytown, Sr., (6'1'' 210lbs.)

    DL: Jamichael Winston, Vigor, Sr., (6'6'' 240lbs.)

    P: Josh Appleby, East Limestone, Sr., (6'3'' 235lbs.)

    ATH: Jake Ganus, Chelsea, Sr., (6'4'' 195lbs.)

    Coach of the Year: Mark Freeman, Spanish Fort

    Honorable mention

    QB: Ben Craft, Briarwood Christian, Sr.
    QB: Zac Crocker, Cullman, Jr.
    QB: Joel Poe, Spanish Fort, Jr.

    RB: Matthew Furuto, Briarwood Christian, Sr.
    RB: James Wilson, Demopolis, Sr.

    WR: Logan Motte, Mortimer Jordan, Jr.
    WR: DaShaun Kendrick, Walker, Sr.
    WR: Desmond Reece, Valley, Sr.
    WR: Daniel Robert, Briarwood Christian, Jr.
    WR: Chris Tilley, Gulf Shores, Sr.

    OL: Reggie Bryant, Charles Henderson, Sr.
    OL: Greg Jones, Cullman, Sr.
    OL: Riley Klages, Eufaula, Sr.
    OL: Ryan Taylor, Tallassee, Sr.

    K: Logan McPherson, Fort Payne, Sr.

    Offensive ATH: Dijohn Paschal, Tallassee, Jr.

    DB: Justin Durant, Demopolis, Sr.
    DB: David Evans, Hueytown, Jr.
    DB: Dax Gillespie, Hartselle, Sr.
    DB: David King, Pinson Valley, Jr.
    DB: Tre Williams, St. Paulís, So.

    LB: Nathaniel Carter, Central-Tuscaloosa, Sr.
    LB: Ethan Felton, Muscle Shoals, So.
    LB: Cassanova McKinzy, Woodlawn, Sr.
    LB: Jonathan Piteo, Walker, Sr.
    LB: Ricky Rabb, Hueytown, Sr.

    DL: Jadarius Ceasar, Paul Bryant, So.
    DL: Austin Mansell, Walker, So.
    DL: Dalton Veal, Fort Payne, Sr.

    P: Joseph Pedraza, Walker, Jr.

    Defensive ATH: Kylen Towner, St. Paulís, Jr.

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    Re: 2011 ASWA 5A All-State Team

    It is an absolute crime that Hartselle's kicker did not make this list. He won the semi-finals and the finals for Hartselle with his leg.

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    Re: 2011 ASWA 5A All-State Team

    I haven't seen his 2011 stats but he's pretty good (the kid that got first team). There is a vid on youtube where he hit a 57 yarder in practice for the Offense-Defense Bowl. Louisville commit.

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    Re: 2011 ASWA 5A All-State Team

    East Limestone's kicker has a serious leg!
    Hartselle's kicker is more accurate, but not as powerful.

    Kudos to Hartselle for putting some games on their kicker. East's kicker could kick it over the gym or over the crowd....never knew which way he would go



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