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    Re: Titanic Just Sank

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
    An Asian guy and a Jewish guy are getting into an argument, and it's degenerated into personal attacks.

    Jewish guy: You people are responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Asian guy: What?!? I'm Chinese, not Japanese.

    Jewish guy: Eh, Chinese. Japanese. It's all the same.

    Asian guy: Oh yeah? Well, you people are responsible for the sinking of the Titanic.

    Jewish guy: You're crazy. The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg.

    Asian guy: That's right. Goldberg. Greenberg. Iceberg. It's all the same.

    Sadly, there actually is a conspiracy theory that the Jews (it's always the Jews) sank the Titanic with explosives so as to prop up the Marconi company's stock...

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    Re: Titanic Just Sank

    I saw a "what if" analysis a couple of decades ago that posited a counterintuitive idea. Once the water began flooding in, the guys downstairs logically closed the watertight doors between the sections. The argument suggested had they opened the doors instead, the ship might well have leveled rather than tipped, & thus been able to stay afloat longer. Of course, this would've required their suspending their natural reflex: "water coming in = shut doors."

    Fascinating engineering conjectures abound, I s'pose. But then, I can't even spell "engineering" so what do I know?

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    Re: Titanic Just Sank

    Quote Originally Posted by bamanut_aj View Post
    wait, so they took 100 year old rusty rivets, and determined the rivets weren't good. What genius came up with that?
    Same geniuses that came up with, "Oswald couldn't have shot Kennedy because there's a tree in the way" or "Oswald couldn't have shot Kennedy because there's that plastic box that walled off that window" (for those who haven't been there, they have the sniper's nest walled off - you can see it, but you can't actually touch it).
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    Re: Titanic Just Sank

    I doubt that the condition of the rivets today contributed much to the assessment of their quality.
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