Diablo III!
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Thread: Diablo III!

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    Diablo III!

    So I grabbed Diablo III and nonstop got disconnected for about 12 hours or so the fix for the error 3007 officially from Blizzard is to join and stay in general chat. other than that I haven't had much time to play to find out if it's great or awesome yet.

    I really dislike the having to log into battle.net to even play single player. I understand it's to curb buying old copies after it's been out and cut down on pirated but hey if you're going to do it be ready to handle the load.
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    Re: Diablo III!

    Yeah, the game is great so far; except when the servers don't want to work like they should.

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    Re: Diablo III!

    Thankfully I was out of town during release week, so I got to skip that nonsense.
    Started playing Friday night, and it's been fun.
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