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Thread: Gamefly

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    Anyone on here have a Gamefly subscription or considering it? I have to admit I was hesitant at first but so far its working out pretty good. I pay $22/ month and get two games. My kids are playing through all the Lego games and I am racking up time with games I've always wanted to play but never wanted to fork out the money to buy. So for the first month I have played through 4 games single player campaigns, and they have finished 3 Lego games. The turn around time isn't too bad. If I return it on Monday I will have the new one on Thursday or Friday.

    It's definitely better than buying a used game at Gamestop for $30 and trading it back in for $10 after you're done.

    My GameQ has 47 games still in it, and once I get those I'll probably drop the membership.
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    Re: Gamefly

    I've thought about it extensively, but I've never done it. It's a great deal, but I don't play enough to actually get my moneys worth. and the other thing is there are only a few games that interest me, so I wouldn't really even need two new games when all I ever care to play is NCAA and COD. I might do a trial run on it at somepoint, but I still haven't been able to justify doing it yet.



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