Question: Request for Alabama Smokehouse Steak Marinade recipe(s)
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    Request for Alabama Smokehouse Steak Marinade recipe(s)

    Description: A request for assistance from the northern reaches of Bama fandom...

    A local high end grocery chain is selling beef tenderloin medallions in what they call an Alabama Smokehouse marinade, and they're so delicious they can't keep them in stock.

    They don't sell the marinade separately, so I figured I'd go straight to the source, and ask my fellow Tide fans for any recipe ideas / suggestions.

    The marinade combines a tangy barbecue flavor together with a hint of something sweet.

    I would heartily welcome any insights from you wonderful folks.

    Thank you!!!
    Serving Size: ???
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    Difficulty: Easy

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    Re: Request for Alabama Smokehouse Steak Marinade recipe(s)

    Why do you want to do an ruin perfectly good beef tenderloin?

    The Alabama steakhouse thing is probably just Marketing. Most people from Alabama who want to ruin a steak, marinade it in Dale's or Moore's. So I'd start with some combination of really sweet bbq sauce and Dale's or Moore's.

    Just realized you are in Canada. So in case you don't know about Dale's or Moore's yet here are some links.
    BBQ Sauce
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