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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. LSU

    Quote Originally Posted by RollTideinKY View Post
    Only a handful outta 10 pages actually take picking the score serious. Sip I am glad you are a true fan an obviously know football instead of putting 45-14 with our second string playing the 4 quarter, I love bama as much as anyone on this board but to think we were going to go there at night and blow them out was just stupid. They were playing for a place in the SECCG, revenge from last year, still thinking they had a shot to play for it all and u all posted the most ridiculous scores ever. I knew it would be a dogfight and thank God AJ had the poise that Greg had @ the barn to take us down the field and score a game winning TD. Scoring before half to go up 11 might of been the worst thing for us last night. Our team even though without a doubt is the best in the country for some reason just like to hit the relax button and thing our D will win the game for them as long as they get a lead of more than one score. Metteburg did play the game of his life last night but our D helped him out on several occasions, the worst pass defense I have seen under Saban since the sugar bowl against Utah. If we don't get pressure this could be our downfall down the road. We have a Qb this week that is going to have to be defended like no one we have played all year. I hope our D gets a ear full this week and realize before we think we are in the BCSNCG that A&M lead both floida and lsu at home and both teams made corrections at halftime to win the games, hopefully we don't wait to halftime.. Glad to get a hard fought win and get ready for this week... RTR

    I put a fair amount of thought into it, and had a bad feeling all week.
    My prediction (28-10) was on this thread

    and might've come to pass if Yeldon hadn't fumbled, and if one of our safety blitzes had resulted in an INT.

    But as the saying goes, "If if's and but's were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas."

    I think this was the best come-from-behind win I've seen in ages.
    We got beat and we won.

    We better come out Saturday and smack Texas A&M in the teeth.
    I want to see ball-control, up-the-gut, control-the-clock running plays that gash their defense.
    We'd better. Otherwise we might just be staring at an "L" this time next week.

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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. LSU

    Quote Originally Posted by TideMom2Boys View Post
    you win!
    Beat me to it. I was searching through the thread to see who got the closest pick. Exact score and it was a tight game.
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