Bama fans need to make a difference Saturday
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    Bama fans need to make a difference Saturday

    I, like all of you, am so proud of this team of this team for that great win last Saturday night. They put it all out there for their teammates, coaches, and all of us who love this University. This Saturday's game is critical. Championships are hard to win once, much less back to back. Are we going to do our part for this team? Are we going to make a difference in this game? Are we going to stand and yell the entire game or tell the guy in front of us who is excited and yelling, to sit down so he can relax and watch the game? It's time we step up and make the difference Saturday in BDS, in what now is the most critical game of the year. Let's make this happen. I'll be there, standing and yelling. Alabama fans are the greatest, and I have no doubt everyone will be doing their part. Roll Tide!!!

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    Re: Bama fans need to make a difference Saturday

    It's a cinch we need to be a high energy crowd, and a high energy team...
    TAMU will bring their best game.
    We need mistake free football, and insane crazy loud fans...

    I'd like to hear our crowd noise level, loud enough to register on the 'Richter Scale'...

    (Heck, I'd even like to see the Frat boys act like they are excited...)



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