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    Re: Highlights From Brando Show

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica4Bama View Post
    If Bama loses especially if in the SECCG, how will we still go to the BCSCG?
    I think it's obvious Brando is just talking to talk. Every week he says he thinks Bama will win, but then claims they will still lose in the season.

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    Re: Highlights From Brando Show

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica4Bama View Post
    If Bama loses especially if in the SECCG, how will we still go to the BCSCG?
    I think he is thinking of a 2007 or 2011 type scenario. In 2007, LSU dropped 2 games (one very late in the season), but enough teams in front of them lost to let them sneak back into the top two.

    As far as losing the SECCG, many pundits were confident that LSU was so far ahead in the BCS rankings last year that they could have lost the SECCG and still stayed in the top 2. Alabama doesn't have quite that lead yet, but if all the other unbeatens drop one, Alabama could end up in a similar spot.

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    Re: Highlights From Brando Show

    First, I don't understand why someone, an Alabama fan or not, would call and make a fool of himself wanting to know who was going to beat who. Second, Brando is entitled to his opionion just like any of us are. I don't know if Stanford or Oregon State can beat Oregon and if UCLA wins the other division I don't think they can beat Oregon. The only team that can knock off ND, IMO is USC, but Kiffin's team looks to be coming unglued. KState has TCU and Texas on the road, neither has impressed me, but they are more likely to lose a game than Oregon or ND.

    We know what we have to do, so if there are 3 undefeated teams at the end of the season it will be Alabama vs Oregon for the NC. A one loss SEC champion may be on the outside looking in if there are 2 unbeatens at year end. I'm okay with Brando, it's just his opinion no reason to act like an aubie.
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    Re: Highlights From Brando Show

    Quote Originally Posted by selmaborntidefan View Post
    A Tide fan called him railing and screaming and demanded to know who specifically was going to beat Alabama. Tim said he didn't know, but football is a tough game and the SEC is difficult to run the table. Wound up taking the guy off, but Tim never answered the question.

    He also thinks Petrino is in Auburn's vision.
    SEC teams that had 8-0 regular season conference records since the BCS started:
    2011 LSU
    2010 Auburn
    2009 Alabama
    2009 Florida
    2008 Alabama
    2004 Auburn
    1998 Tennessee

    He can say it's difficult, but 7 teams have had undefeated conference regular season records since 1998.
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