Suggestions for an Aggie...
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    Suggestions for an Aggie...

    I will be coming in for the game this weekend.. Just lookin for a few suggestions on things to do, or avoid this weekend.

    Will be arriving on Friday, looking for a great place to go eat and lookin for some good bars to hit up.. suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if anyone wants to meet a couple possible future major leaguers, me n group are looking for some friendly folks with tailgates that we might be able to stop by.. there are 6 of us total, and one of the guys in my group is our 2012 MLB 1st rounder Michael Wacha..

    But mainly some do's and don'ts for the weekend are appreciated..

    Good luck to you guys, I'm not coming in with any grand ideas of an upset but I do hope we keep it competitive...

    If anyone would like to contact me directly with suggestions/ideas I'd appreciate that as well...

    Thanks and Gig Em

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Hope you have a great weekend, but leave just a little disappointed!

    It ought to be an electric atmosphere...we've been on the road and now are looking forward to three straight home games.

    Try the Waysider for breakfast. I love a burger from Mugshots!

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Lots of good info on this website. Have a safe trip.
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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Any suggestions on nice sit down restaurants?? We want to experience the best Tuscaloosa has to offer.. We want to get a good meal in Friday night bc we figure after that who knows what/when we will eat..

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Me and my wife have been to games and not being from the area, we have parked at University Mall on MacFarland and they have shuttle buses that will bring you right by the south endzone and pick up after the game for a nominal fee the last time I think it was $10 a head. FYI that was befor the tornado so I do not know it it still an option, maybe someone on here can update the info.

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Quote Originally Posted by TXaggie4 View Post
    Any suggestions on nice sit down restaurants?? We want to experience the best Tuscaloosa has to offer.. We want to get a good meal in Friday night bc we figure after that who knows what/when we will eat..
    Sit-down Restaurants

    Cypress Inn in Northport (just across the river)
    Chuck's Fish downtown

    Bars (others chime in- been out of town a while)

    Houndstooth on the Strip
    there are several together downtown

    Other Sites

    Bryant Museum- you have to go
    The Quad 3 hrs before kickoff will be bustling with things to do

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Don't go to Tuscaloosa without visiting the Bryant Museum. I've taken buddies there from OU to Neb fans and they all enjoyed it. If you really have an appreciation for the game of college football you won't want to miss it.

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Friday- Cypress Inn on the river in Northport
    Bar cruising on "the strip" (University Blvd) including the Houndstooth and my favorite dive Egan's
    Saturday morning- breakfast at the Waysider. Tour the Bryant Museum (must do) As for tailgating, just be nice and everyone will invite you in for food and adult beverages on the Quad
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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Dreamland barbeque, you'll love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Flyboy View Post
    Dreamland barbeque, you'll love it.
    He's from Texas so probably not. Dreamland has gone downhill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2003TIDE View Post
    He's from Texas so probably not. Dreamland has gone downhill.
    Say it ain't so! I graduated in 1993 and loved Dreamland!

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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Texans don't even know what good BBQ is. Beef is for steak, hamburgers, and chili!

    Welcome, and I hope you have good until the end of the game.
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    Re: Suggestions for an Aggie...

    Here are some restaurants to explore

    Chuck's fish (Downtown Tuscaloosa) - good for sushi (favorites include the Screaming-O and the Roll Tide Roll), gulf seafood and steaks

    Five (Downtown Tuscaloosa) menu is a bit more limited but the food is great -

    The Cypress Inn - (on the other side of the river)




    Southern Living Article on Tuscaloosa Restaurants

    The Tin Top (out a ways towards the lake)

    Desperados Steakhouse

    Local Landmark Restaurants

    Rib Joints

    Dreamland (Original location only)


    Archibald's & Woodrows



    Ramma Jammas (don't think they serve breakfast on game days)

    City Cafe (not open on the weekends - also serves great meat +3 lunch)

    Best Little College Steakhouse

    Nick's in the Sticks (also out a ways in a different direction)

    It's not Tex-Mex, but we like it

    Taco Casa -

    Good new fish place - The Shrimp Basket
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