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    Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV View Post
    I think it was George Carlin who said that one should remember that approximately half the people you interact with will have an IQ of below 100. If you want to increase the odds of meeting the under, then that's the board to visit...
    This maybe the only thing George Carlin was ever quoted as saying that would not get you suspended from this board...very impressive!

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    Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    I have never seen such a collection of fans with so little football knowledge.

    Precious few of them saw this season coming. We did. Everyone else in the SEC did, too.

    Yeldon is one of the most siippery, speedy and mature backs I've seen at any level.

    As that final play was about to snap, I said "I'm looking for a screen to the weakside."

    In the 4-3 alignment, the weakside bubble is the defense's most vulnerable area. Get the ball to an open field runner out there and it's gonna go big.

    Tidefans.com readers are nodding their heads in agreement.

    boog lurkers are asking WTH did he just say??
    “Lamar Thomas has got it, he's on his way down the sidelines... George Teague runs him down! He took the ball away!!! HE'S GOT THE BALL!!!"

    Thread deleted by SavannahDare
    Reason: Dude! Coach Saban would sooner die than tweet.

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    Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    That take is just the standard response of little brother aubie. All around them are reminders of how great it is to be a Crimson Tide fan. They just be sulking......

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    Big A Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    We should petition the Gov. to allow Auburn to have 13 men on the field on defense. Thats the only shot they got at stopping W.R. Yeldon.
    Strive for perfection,but never forget the true meaning of sports,play with honor,courage and effort.

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    Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    Well, I guess I can live with him topping out at 7ypc as a runner since he's not likely to improve any on that.

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    Re: A Barner's Take On TJ Yeldon's Winning TD.

    Unless my eyes deceived me, we ran this play in the first half and Lacy caught the pass
    for a gain.

    I know that Barn fans are excellent judges of recruits.
    I'm just glad that TJ wasn't up to the Auburn standard.
    Obviously lacking in 'Convictions'... Sorry... I know it was Snarky.
    Truth is that Auburn fans have ulcers thinking of the ones 'They nearly got'...
    Kind of like 'Moral Victories' .
    Here's my take: S.N.A.S.S.
    (Yeldon figured that out too.)
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