Campaign to Save Jay Jacobs
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    Campaign to Save Jay Jacobs it seems ex-Auburn BoT member McWhorter wants to keep Jacobs.

    Jacobs may be the last solid connection between the old school Auburn BoT that was dominated by Lowder. McWhorter was on that BoT and involved in Jetgate so he's at least partly in the Lowder camp. To his credit, McWhorter did do some things that got SACS off Auburns back. With the new BoT, old school guys may see their influence diminishing. Having an old friend at the AD spot has got to give comfort to those who may or may not be trying to hold onto the power they once had-including at least significant input on a new head coach IYAM.

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    Re: Campaign to Save Jay Jacobs

    As long as we are starting a campaign, lets include Bobby Lowder, Jimmy Raine, and Patrick Faine Dye,
    all back on the Auburn BOT. (More smell there than a cow patty)

    McWhorter is cut out of the same bolt of cloth as the others. Ain't got much use for him either.
    I've known him for a number of years, and it ain't made me any fonder of him...

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    Re: Campaign to Save Jay Jacobs

    I bet they are wishing they had never run Tubby off.

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    Not just him, all of them.

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    Re: Campaign to Save Jay Jacobs

    Its apparent to me hiring a new coach at the barn won't change a thing. Come January 1, 2013 the barn will have a new head coach but we will still be able to say S.N.A.S.S.



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