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    Re: P. Sims comments about AJ

    I always liked this kid he handled everything with Class.

    Im proud of our fans as well, most other schools would try try to find some fault in his charchater. How dare him leave us. Well I wish him the best as most everyone on this board has said many times.

    I don't know exactly why he left but he did it the Right way before during & after as did the school.

    Probably helps recruiting when you show you care about your players as people not just in football. Everyone looks for CNS secret formula it starts with doing the Right thing always.

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    Re: P. Sims comments about AJ

    Quote Originally Posted by TideFan in AU View Post
    You may not have heard it, but numerous people close to AJ have said that he plans to leave early. Ask Earle about his thoughts on this and what he's hearing. He has heard pretty much the same the thing.
    Things may change, but I'd say there a much better chance he leaves than stays.
    I am not saying I agree and I certainly wish he would stay another year, but the thought is "What more can he prove staying another year played behind a less experienced OL?" The thought is that his stock going to at its ceiling at the end of the year.
    As I just said, this may have changed or be in the process of changing. This is a deep QB class but next year's not so much. He could go much higher. Also, The Heisman hype may be beginning to have an effect. The main "X" factor is his dad's influence...
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    Guy has great character. Wish he was still here!



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