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    Re: Why wasn't Saban more involved on that last series?

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDEnGA View Post
    In post game show Saban said something to the effect of disagreeing with passing on 1st and goal. What?! He said we should have power run it. What?!

    He agreed with or actually called the 4th and 2 but made it clear Nuss called the 1st down call. He even said we were acting like we were in rush rush mode when we weren't. Why wasn't he more involved from the get go?
    Maybe I mis-understood Saban but, I thought he was saying he disagreed with the pass b/c it didn't work since that is what the media wanted him to say. He also said had we run and it didn't work he woulda disagreed. Seemed like he was getting mad with the 2nd guessing, arm chair QB media.
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    Re: Why wasn't Saban more involved on that last series?

    I seem to recall that Coach McElwain had a game or two like this back in 2010. He turned out alright and so will Coach Nuss. Our staff and players will learn from this and be better for it. You watch--we will kick their little aggie fannies next Sept.
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    Re: Why wasn't Saban more involved on that last series?

    I like what Nuss has done so far on the season, especially improving our red zone percentage (not sure if the stats have changed since this game). I'm sure he will be a good/great OC for us. However, whoever was responsible for the playcalling in this game, I really didn't understand it, for two reasons:

    1) It was obvious early in the game that we could run the ball effectively and wear down A&M's defense, but we didn't really commit to doing that, and
    2) AJ (and probably Cooper too) is pretty obviously more injured than has been let on, to the point where the passing game just isn't trustworthy right now. We know our QB is an accurate passer, and we know our receivers are very talented. When they are repeatedly missing throws, it's obvious that something is wrong, and they need a break (especially in light of point #1).

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    Re: Why wasn't Saban more involved on that last series?

    Quote Originally Posted by PCBamafan View Post
    If we run the ball 4 straight times, we win! PERIOD!

    But if AJ doesn't underthrow Bell, he scores easily!

    But if we don't get behind 20-0 to a good team, we win!

    It goes on and on!
    Yep. Shoulda, coulda, wouldas

    People are going to drive themselves crazy. Time to move on



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