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    Manziel Statistical Split: 1st Quarter Compared to the Last 3 Quarters

    Quote Originally Posted by Bear Disciple View Post
    I haven't seen this mentioned in detail yet, so I thought I would give it a shot.

    What I saw yesterday were two football games within the same 60 minutes, as I'm sure many others did as well, so I thought I'd take to the stats to see exactly how Manziel performed on the stat sheet in each of these two hypothetical games.

    First Quarter:
    5 rushes for 74 yards
    10-11 passing for 86 yards

    Quarters 2-4:
    13 rushes for 18 yards
    14-20 passing for 167 yards

    I'm a believer that stats don't tell the whole story, but here, I think they come pretty close. What I saw in the first quarter was that we simply did not execute our contains on Manziel across the board well enough. Not to take anything away from Manziel's stellar performance, but he's a running quarterback, not a quarterback who runs, to me, and 13 rushes for 18 yards over three quarters is extremely unsuccessful in my mind.

    He threw some phenomenal passes as well, which surprised me more than his running performance, but to improve a player's yards per completion by 3.3 yards, while still maintaining a 70% completion percentage and only scoring 9 points (12 if you count the FG Manziel had nothing to do with missing) really shows me that we had the ability to stop and contain him, but it just took us too long to get in a rhythm.

    Always tough to dig yourselves out of a hole 20 points deep, but it's really too bad we couldn't, because our defense showed me more in those last 3 quarters than they have in any game all year. Just my 2 cents.
    Great assessment.

    We did get in a hole, but we had 3 drives with momentum where we didn't execute and lost the ball. After all we went through, we were in a position to take the lead/win for 3 straight drives.

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    Re: Manziel Statistical Split: 1st Quarter Compared to the Last 3 Quarters

    I don't understand why people seem to be of the opinion that either you can shut him down completely or not at all. The general argument seems to be that he got stuffed after the 1st quarter, the reality is that he put 13 on the board in the 4th (one touchdown, point after where we went for 2 pt conversion and a missed chip shot field goal). I know that's not how the score looked but holding the poor kicking game against the quarterback hides how he really played.

    It's unrealistic with a defense as good as Alabama's to think that JF got shut down just because he didn't score on a few drives.

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    Re: Manziel Statistical Split: 1st Quarter Compared to the Last 3 Quarters

    RS Fr. still learning and trying to improve. Vs. LSU 1 INT was not his fault (WR had ball bounce off his chest). Manziel put up 276 yards passing vs. LSU while A&M put up 410 yards on Tiger defense. Just as a relative point. A&M got off to a fast start but was hardly "shut down" in the 2nd half. If their FG makes the missed FG and Manziel gets that extra yard on that 4th and 6 (?) inside the Bama 40 it may not have been so close at the end.

    In no way shape, or form is Manzial a running QB who throws... Go to the 1:44:15 mark of this video. Wait for the 3rd replay, the overhead EZ shot, freeze it at 1:44:40

    The only other SEC college QB I have ever seen that could make that pass was Peyton Manning, as a Jr. or Sr.

    Alabama is the better team. Texas A&M was the better team Saturday. It happens. LSU out-played Bama and lost.

    Bama still going 11-1, beat the **** out of Barn, and likely beat UGA for SEC Champ. and play in Rose Bowl.

    2 of 3 NCs, followed by an SEC championship, still a great run for Bama and to be a Tide fan. Can't get too bent out of shape over one loss, as much as it may sting.
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    Re: Manziel Statistical Split: 1st Quarter Compared to the Last 3 Quarters

    If we had came out and played ball control early and kept him off the field in the first qtr. the game would have been a lot different. The kid played great. There is a lot of ball left to be played this season. RTR

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    Re: Manziel Statistical Split: 1st Quarter Compared to the Last 3 Quarters

    Quote Originally Posted by selmaborntidefan View Post
    The kid is a sandlot wimp. He was a big tough dude when he was shaking his hips and avoiding contact. Amazing to me how his sudden drop in stats coincided with him getting hit clean by our guys on back to back plays in the second quarter. I noticed that, too. Go back and look at the first couple of aTm possessions in the third quarter. He would stay behind the line desperately looking to throw the ball - he didn't want to get hit. Remember that pass the Aggie bobbled and held onto? He threw that and let the receiver get plowed rather than himself.

    Make no mistake: Texas A&M outplayed us and deserved to win the game. But impressive he was not after Smart figured him out. He's like a pitcher who throws five or six great games and then gets rocked the second time he faces a good team. We gave them a few first downs with poor tackling. But the great Johnny got all of 9 points after the first hit, and six of that was because we turned the ball over (Yeldon).

    I'm sorry but the kid is a wimp. He is not Tim Tebow or Cam Newton, who both got in and mixed it up and took big hits and then made plays. The moment that kid gets hit, he decides the game isn't fun. He's a flag football player wearing a uniform.

    Let me remind everyone that he didn't score every single drive, which means we stopped him. And he wasn't on the field when McCarron threw the last pick or the offsides jump on the non- punt.

    He looked great - until he got hit.
    Yep. He mad.
    RIP Hub



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