Opinion on AJ's Stats
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    Opinion on AJ's Stats

    At the very least, we do not have to hear the talking heads go on and on about AJ`s non interceptions.... Although I thought it was fantastic that he went so long without an interception, the constant praising of it by these commentators was grating on me...... It was only a matter of time that he was going to have an INT and really, the first one might not have been his fault...... They did the same thing about Mark Ingram`s stats on non fumbles until that bad fumble against Tn in 2009..... I know it is an interesting stat, but can become overkill and stop being news after a while.... I still love AJ as our QB, and his touchdown to interception ratio is still outstanding.... The second INT happened because of the situation our coaches put him in...... That does not mean I am mad at the coaching either, but somewhat disappointed in the playcalling at the goaline.... We WILL win the next three ballgames and possibly a 4th with AJ and our coaching staff with no pressure or maniacal stats hanging in the balance.... I`m more worried about the two fumbles TJ had in consecutive games, as they were drive stoppers..... But, TJ and AJ will be more than fine in the end......
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    Re: Opinion on AJ`s Stats

    Jones and AJ both said several times over the course of the season that only luck had him with zero interceptions - defensive players had dropped several. No matter how good or careful you are, if you throw the ball enough, you will be intercepted. You just hope that they don't happen in games/circumstances like this.



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