Strength Of The SEC
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    Strength Of The SEC

    I know with the loss to A&M, there could be feelings of panic,

    But really should we be surprised that this could happen? Look at the BCS standings. Six of the top ten are from our conference. That should not change dramatically by the end of the regular season. South Carolina and Florida have big matchups I know against their big instate rivals from the ACC, and I hope they can put the W on their scorecard. Lsu has the Rebel Bears and Arkansas left, you just have to believe they take care of business. And A&M have Missouri left on their schedule after a lesser opponent this coming week. Have to believe they win out. That leaves us. The obvious answer to how are we gonna finish is, we win out. It is a powerful football conference, and we have in our control to be the champion of that conference if we win out and beat Jawja in Atlanta. Then let the chips fall where they may as far as the National Championship. I'm just stating the obvious that it is a tough row to hoe for a SEC team to get through season unblemished. I would imagine that none of the remaining three undefeated teams would relish the thought of playing a one loss Alabama in January for that crystal ball. But I hope thats just what they have to deal with.

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    Re: Strength Of The SEC

    I agree. We lost ONE game.
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