Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)
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    Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)

    Oregon vs. K. State?

    Just saw this article on CFN. Pretty good if you ask me. This was my favorite part:

    I know, I know, I know, Alabama played two elite teams and needed an epic comeback against one (LSU) and lost at home to the other (Texas A&M), and Georgia got housed by South Carolina, and Florida lost to Georgia, but that’s sort of the overall point. Those teams in the SEC are the elite.

    There’s one elite team in the Pac-12. There’s one in the Big 12. There aren’t any in the Big Ten or Big East, and Clemson and Florida State are borderline stars from the ACC. It's all about the schedules, and at the moment, if you're not in the SEC, and until you get a win over one of the six SEC teams ranked in the top nine in the latest BCS standings, you still have to earn your stripes.

    Sorry, Wildcats, Ducks and Irish, but this year, if you don’t have a notch in the win column against one of the top-ranked SEC teams, you’ve done nothing more than bat .482 in AAA.

    Stop right there. Don’t throw out the childish “(team) is unbeaten and the SEC champion will have a loss” line of bull muffins - it demeans us both and makes America dumber and fatter. The elite of the elite SEC teams – Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas A&M – all lost to each other. There’s no leakage here, and despite the great seasons from the top three teams in the BCS, there’s nothing to suggest that they wouldn’t have at least one loss if they were thrown into this tumbler of top teams, too.

    At the moment, the Kansas State-Oregon-Notre Dame BCS championship debate basically boils down to the same old Boise State argument, only beefed up a few notches. Of course any of the top teams could beat anyone in the SEC in a one shot chance, but could any of the top three deal with what South Carolina was handed with Georgia, at LSU and at Florida in back-to-back-to-back weeks without a blemish? Really, you're going to sit there and honestly argue that Kansas State could've been 4-0 against LSU's run of at Florida, South Carolina, at Texas A&M and Alabama? You don't really believe Notre Dame would be 12-0 with Florida's schedule that includes at Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, Georgia, and at Florida State, do you?

    Yeah, it would be amazing if Kansas State went 12-0 with a Big 12 title. Yeah, I'd like to see a 13-0 Oregon on the big stage. Yeah, Notre Dame has done everything asked of it so far.

    Yeah … but …

    And don’t try to dismiss this as the inane ramblings of an SEC homer. I’ll be more than happy to bust out a slew of wildly inappropriate and stunningly creepy items of correspondence penned by several good people from the Great State of Alabama wanting to see harm done to me for my incessant screaming all throughout the end of last season that the Crimson Tide didn’t deserve to play for the BCS championship over an Oklahoma State team that finished on top of 2011’s strongest conference.

    You know, and I know that you know, and you know that I know that you know that if you were hooked up to a lie detector and had to bet the house, the car, the kids, your stock options, your virtue – okay, so maybe just the kids – you’d absolutely take Alabama over Kansas State, Oregon or Notre Dame in a BCS championship with Nick Saban and his staff getting six weeks to prepare. And why wouldn’t you?
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    Re: Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)

    He makes a good point.
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    Re: Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)

    dunno what's going to happen but if we clear the rest of the season and the SECCG with W's it's going to get very interesting if non of those have lost. Oregon will go to the NCCG if it doesn't lose but the other two don't have a Conference championship game so we may pull some weight there.. maybe .. just maybe.
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    Re: Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)

    I'm still hopeful and optimistic about our chances. We just have to take care of what lies in front of us and maybe catch a break with a couple of the other teams ahead of us losing. Maybe a prayer or two thrown in for good measure
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    Re: Oregon vs. K. State? Yeah....But (CFN article)

    Great article and yes I agree..



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