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    Re: Caption This gif Of Auburns DC BVG

    Quote Originally Posted by RkyMtnTide View Post
    Is the video of this posted somewhere? I might be a dummy, but I can't find it.
    Thanks for any help.
    Here's the link to the YouTube video..CLICK ME
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    Re: Chizik's Future is Gogue's Decision

    Calling CA....
    God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.

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    Re: Auburn stepping up and beating Bama ... possibility? (catch-all barn thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by theballguy View Post
    If it happened, how would this affect the next year for you? I am a Bama fan through and through and nothing will ever change that but I have to admit it would be very soul crushing. I would avoid Barners for some time afterwards.
    The only unanswered question for Auburn is the number of minutes after the Iron Bowl that it takes to fire Cheezenick.
    "I mean... who is Auburn?"

    Stanley McClover

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    Re: Caption This gif Of Auburns DC BVG Scroll down to where it says supporters and click on latest...Patrick Dye signed the petition...Gotta be a joke unless his wife is already pouring his bourbon this morning.

    Patrick Dye NOTASULGA, AL

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    Jay is a good christian man, but he ain't never been much of an athletic director in my eyes. If the University of Auburn Board of Directors would hire me, I would get this program headed in the direction it needs to go.

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    Re: Caption This gif Of Auburns DC BVG

    Surprised no one has linked this article, if I've overlooked, please delete this. But former Barn player Heath Evans rips the team and staff and makes a lot of comparisons to our program.

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    Re: Caption This gif Of Auburns DC BVG

    More storm clouds are forming on the Plains:
    “We have 45 men suited up. They're all supposed to be ready to play.”

    -Bill Belichick



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