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    Re: Questions about the SECCG (Parking, etc)

    The Vine City Marta Station on Northside Dr is the closest Marta station to the Ga Dome. The worst crowd problem, by far, is at the Dome/CWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station.

    Here is what Marta has to say about that:

    "The Georgia Dome is located at 1 Georgia Dome Drive NW, in between theDome/GWCC/Philips Arena Station and the Vine City Station on the blue/green rail line that runs east and west through Atlanta.

    The Vine City stop will have less traffic and put you more easily on street level near the Dome, while the Dome Station has a direct entrance into the building on a lower level."

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    Re: Questions about the SECCG (Parking, etc)

    Quote Originally Posted by rgw View Post
    I'm also guessing that the traffic out of the stadium and back onto 85 to 20 isn't like the stuff people experience getting out of Tuscaloosa on Saturday which makes the ability to make a trip back to Tuscaloosa a little easier.
    Don't go that way... go south on Northside Drive and you'll pick up 20 at McDaniel (I think that's right, use Google Maps). Going back through downtown is a mess after the event since most folks will go to hotels there or in Buckhead. Go as far west and south as you can from the dome to reduce traffic... it will send you into the 'hood a bit but nothing too bad. Just don't get off the interstate near the airport and go wandering around after midnight.
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    Re: Questions about the SECCG (Parking, etc)

    I live just outside of Atlanta (on the west side), and have been to tons of events at Philips Arena (former Thrashers STH) and the dome. My thoughts:

    *IF* money is a primary concern for you, I'd recommend riding MARTA, and board the train at H.E. Holmes. It is a bit 'hood, but I've parked there many times and never had a problem. Common sense is the rule, though. After the game, don't go into the parking lot alone, linger around and go with a group. Leaving the game will be a mother, with long lines. If this doesn't bother you, have at it.

    *IF* you can stand to part with $20-30, I would highly recommend driving. As stated, there are several official lots and gypsy lots in the area. Use good judgement, though, when it comes to gypsy lots. Arrive EARLY to the dome area and make a lap or two to gauge prices, just a few blocks can make a big difference in the $$$.

    As for food, I recommend the CNN Center. It's your basic food court, Chick Fil A, Wendys, pizza joint, etc. Also, there's several beer places that sell big cups of beer reasonable (if beer is your thing). It tends to get crowded, but seating is plentiful. Also, there's a Taco Mac at the CNN Center, but it's a bit small, and seating can be a chore, but the wings are excellent. The CNN Center is a short walk from the Dome.

    As for getting into the Dome: **ARRIVE EARLY**! I can't stress this enough. There are surprisingly few entrances into the Dome, and security getting in is WAY over the top and SLOW. If you wait close to game time to go in, you're gonna be screwed.

    Let me know if I can be of any help or if you have any questions.
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