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    Re: Courtney Upshaw flips a car (New commercial spot)

    Quote Originally Posted by uafan4life View Post
    Yeah, I'm thinking maybe the engine and a few other things weren't in that car.

    Seriously, though, I really don't think the Ravens would be happy with Upshaw risking injury for a commercial by doing that to a 1.5 Ton car. Doing that to a 1200 Lb. car, though? Yeah, they might not worry too much about that. And then there's always the option of CGI, hidden hydraulic lifts, etc.

    Not that I doubt that he could do if he really wanted to.
    Just maybe not while making it look so easy.
    Never mind. I was referring to Marcel and then I realized you were referring to Courtney. Roll Tide...A'ight!
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    Re: Courtney Upshaw flips a car (New commercial spot)

    My dad once picked up the front end of a 1969 Dodge Super Bee (with the 383).

    He was at his cousin's house and he, his cousin's husband and his cousin's nephew were working on the car. It was up on a jack and his cousin's husband was under the car when something happened to the jack and the car came down on him. The car still had it's wheels and tires on, so it didn't kill him, but it did come down hard on him. My dad grabbed the front bumper and picked up the front end so that the tires came off the ground about 3 or more inches and the nephew pulled his uncle out from under the car.

    Dad said that some blood was coming out of the guy's mouth and nose and they thought he was going into shock, so he put the guy into the back seat of his 69 Chevelle SS (396) and drove the 25 or so miles to the hospital in about 15 minutes. He said that about the only time that he was under 120 mph on the way was when he slowed up to make turns at intersections. When he got to the ER and they took the other guy in, they took him back also. He hadn't realized it because of all that had happened, but his fingers were cut deeply where he grabbed the bumper to lift the car and he was bleeding pretty badly, so they had to patch him up also.

    He told the doctor what had happened and he stated that he was able to lift the car and didn't feel the pain from his fingers because of the adrenaline that his body produced.
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