Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?
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    Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    Noticing a trend here... Are LSU fans becoming the new whiny Auburn fans when Bama wins or something goes in favor of Bama? I won't post a link but check out their forum in recent weeks. They have gotten as bad as a fan-base can get with this sort of thing. They consider us a "rival" ... do you consider them a rival? In the same way that Auburn or UT is? I honestly never have. I like to beat them kind of in the same way I like to beat Florida but that's about it.
    “I know what it takes to win. If I can sell them on what it takes to win, then we are not going to lose too many football games.” - Coach Paul Bryant and I can see Coach Nick Saban agreeing completely.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    LSU has been the better program and bigger threat to Alabama for a decade. So, I would consider that our bigger rival.

    I expect it to continue, because Auburn will be behind us, LSU, A&M, and possibly Arky on a consistent basis in the West.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    Given the circumstances of the battles and what they've meant over the past 5 years, they're quickly becoming one of our biggest "rivals".
    While they don't have the history of the UT or AU's (in terms of being a "rival"), they, in the moment, are clearly one of our biggest games year in and year out..
    The vitriole their fan bash has toward us has made things worse and the rivalry that much more intense.
    With the Coach Saban connections and all... it sure is a great game and if the stakes remain as high as they have been the last handful of years, the game will continue to gain importance and be mentioned among the UT and AU games.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    Alabama/LSU recently has become the equivalent of what Florida/Tennessee used to be. They are absolutely a chief rival now.
    “We have 45 men suited up. They're all supposed to be ready to play.”

    -Bill Belichick

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    I consider it a healthy rivalry. I have no ill will toward LSU fans. In fact, I find them quite entertaining, and passionate. In order for it to be a rivalry, you've gotta win some. And LSU can lay claim to winning some against us over the past half decade. Not many other people can.

    I don't think anyone will ever get close to the level of the UA/AU thing. Even the UT rivalry has died down some because they haven't won one against us since Shula's last season. And it's really only among the fans anyway. It's not nearly as volatile as it was
    "I didn't come to Alabama to win 10 games a year and be a contender. I came here to win championships. Conference championships and national championships. I love it here because that's just not what I want, but what this fanbase expects."
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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    If we count rivals as teams that pose the biggest hurdle to our aspirations, then they have been a rival for quite some time. As a bonus, they know how to tailgate and are generally good, passionate folks who live for college football as much as we do.

    I only wish our rivals could still contribute here. The quality LSU posters added so much.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    This was discussed a few months ago on TF and I think it came down to 80/20 saying "yes, they are rivals" in one sense or another.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    My wife and I were passing through Louisiana last night. We stopped for dinner at a classic hole-in-the-wall place in Shreveport called "Herby K's." The bar was decorated with "Beat Bama" and "Beat Saban" LSU signs. We overheard one of the employees say that her favorite experience in recent memory "was watching A&M beat Alabama."

    They were all really nice people, but we didn't reveal we were from Alabama until AFTER the meal... ;-)

    LSU: the new Tennessee?

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    I definitely think as right now they are our biggest competition in the conference year in year out.
    Hey Daddy why doesn't Auburn have a number beside their name? 5 year old son during the iron bowl.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    Considering if we bring our "A game" or risk being mauled by a top 5 program, yes.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    On the field LSU is our toughest and in some ways our most important rival. As for their fans, they've become worse than the barners. I've read post from LSU fans and they whine more than any other fan base I've seen.

    I still consider LSU our #3 rival behind the barn and Tennessee.
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    Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    I have to say now #2 behind the team we are going to destroy this weekend.

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    Re: Do we seriously count LSU as a rival now?

    The rivalry dates back to 1895, just three years after the inception of Alabama football. It has long been considered Bama's third most intense rivalry. Since 2000, they have been, without question, the Tide's fiercest adversary. Via Wikipedia: Alabama-LSU football rivalry.

    I honestly can't believe this thread exists. Were you here in the early to mid-2000s? Did you watch the regular season game last season? Do you remember when they burned Saban effigies in 2008? Do you remember their fanbase mocking Prothro's injury? All of those instances bred some intense LSU hatred on my part. Yes, I hate LSU with a burning passion, but we all should at least show their football program the respect it deserves. They have built that into a powerhouse in recent years. I have no respect at all for our other rivals, Auburn and Tennessee. Neither of those teams intimidate at all and I don't respect their history. Ole Miss considers Alabama their second-biggest rival, as does Mississippi State. Neither of those teams are legitimate rivals. LSU most certainly is. I actually pull for Tennessee against them. In case you hadn't noticed, Bama has owned the Vols since 2000, posting an 8-4 record and winning the last six in a row by an average margin of three touchdowns.

    Let's look at the stats from Saban's career

    LSU vs Alabama 2007: LSU 41 - Alabama 34
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2007: Alabama 41 - Tennessee 17

    LSU vs Alabama 2008: Alabama 27 - LSU 21 OT
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2008: Alabama 29 - Tennessee 9

    LSU vs Alabama 2009: Alabama 24 - LSU 15
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2009: Alabama 12 - Tennessee 10

    LSU vs Alabama 2010: LSU 24 - Alabama 21
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2010: Alabama 41 - Tennessee 10

    LSU vs Alabama 2011 I: LSU 9 - Alabama 6 OT
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2011: Alabama 37 - Tennessee 6

    LSU vs Alabama 2011 II: Alabama 21 - LSU 0

    LSU vs Alabama 2012: Alabama 21 - LSU 17
    Tennessee vs Alabama 2012: Alabama 44 - Tennessee 13
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