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The oldtimers will remember this story, but the younger folks might enjoy it.

When Perkins was coach, Bama had a regular season home game scheduled against Notre Dang. Before coming to Bama, Perkins had been a pro coach in New York City, where he had made friends with a Catholic Nun.

So Perkins flew his Nun friend in for the game, to make certain we wouldn't be out-prayed.
After losing the Miss St game (6-3 in 1980 iirc), I asked a priest if it was ok to pray for a team to win a football game. He said you could but it would be kind of silly. Then he paused a bit... he said well it would be a good thing to pray for Notre Dame. :-) He said he was kidding around but at the time I kind of took him seriously. So, I just decided no more praying for any team. :-) You either win it or you don't.

I have not had a chance to see any videos of the 73 game against ND. I am wondering what the refs were telling Coach Parseghian at the 3 second mark before ND runs out the clock. Kind of shocked seeing the ND fans and players storm the field after this. It seemed as though they had never been there before. I'm glad to see we don't do this sort of thing.

If you're expected to lose with class, by golly you better win with class too. Else, it all has a way with catching up with you. Isn't that right, U of Miami?