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    Re: SEC fans frustrated over cell service

    I went to the MSU game & it was hit and miss. Got texts in the second half but no photo upload etc. that said, hard to complain since I used to not have a cell phone for help if I broke down.
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    SEC fans frustrated over cell service

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
    I don't buy the stories from people claiming to have AT&T and suffering no problems with their service on game days in BDS. Unless you only have games like WCU and WKU (and even that one was bad) as frames of reference, there is no way you can state that your cell service is at 100% in BDS with AT&T. Mine rarely works at all until I leave the stadium.
    You don't have to buy it. I've never had a problem w AT&T inside BDS. I do sit in the upper deck, but never a problem.
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    Re: SEC fans frustrated over cell service

    I have Sprint and I lose service almost as soon as I hit the Tuscaloosa city limits. Seriously it's about that bad. Forget about texting, Facebook, etc... during a game (well any big game that is)! I was able to text last weekend and about fell out of my set when it went through. First time in 5 years or so that I could text from a game at BDS.

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    Re: SEC fans frustrated over cell service

    I have had T-Mobile and now have Verizon. They both have issues inside the stadium, and I had issues posting/sending pics during the MSU game. They all keep talking about improving service inside the stadium, but it has only been marginal in my opinion. I now have an iPhone 5 with LTE, so I don't know if that would help at all or not...
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